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Based on COVID-19 public health order 09-2021, all indoor self-led and adult group fitness programs are cancelled. One-on-one, household and youth (under 18) group training with a certified coach or paid trainer is allowed.

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Cultural diversity

The City of Calgary values diversity best practices. We believe that the expression of this individuality through the arts, culture and recreation are vital to an active lifestyle.

Through diversity best practices we are working towards an increased participation among diverse clients in the area of recreation & leisure services, with special attention to cultural diversity.


The mandate of the Cultural Diversity section in Recreation's Arts & Culture is to foster an environment that values diversity and supports inclusive equitable access to City of Calgary recreation and leisure services and its community partners.


The four work priorities of the Cultural Diversity section are consultations, training, resource development, and liaison, network and outreach:

1. Consultations: Support staff in including Diversity Practice aspect into specific projects and respond to enquiries that will assist recreation and leisure staff in the delivery of services to Calgary's diverse communities.

2. Training: Provide information, education, mentoring and training opportunities for staff that will effect personal and systemic change.

3. Resource Development: Provide resource materials and tools that promote awareness, knowledge and skills on the issues of cultural diversity.

4. Liaison, Network & Outreach: Facilitate contact and networking between diverse community service providers.