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Athletic park rules and regulations

Do - Required

General rules

  • All groups are required to have their permit with them at all times. It is impossible to double book a field or diamond. If approached by another user group or the party refuses to vacate, please contact 311 and request a bylaw officer to be dispatched.
  • The group is responsible for any damage to the field (except normal wear and tear), and to surrounding residences, schools, cars, etc.
  • Parking is permitted in parking lots adjacent to City-owned athletic parks.
  • Field users are expected to abide by all traffic laws.
  • Please be considerate of community residents and all other park users.
  • Footwear allowed for fields: single molded rubber shoe with a maximum ½ inch rubber screw in cleat, or running shoe.
  • If you are having port-a-potties placed on site, you must contact the City through 3-1-1 to arrange with the Parks department for a suitable location.

Additional rules: Artificial Turf Field

  • Only players, coaches, managers, officials and trainers can access the playing field.
  • Alert coaches/game officials if clean up on field is required.
  • Please apply sunscreen off the artificial turf field.

Additional rules: Track user

  • Permit time includes equipment set up and take down time if required. 
  • Only 5 mm cleat or running shoe allowed. 

Don't - Not permitted

General rules

  • Parking is not permitted in private parking lots, driveways, alleys or on greenspace.
  • No stunting or speeding in parking lots, fields or alleyways.
  • Vehicles are not permitted to drive on Parks grass, including playfields.
  • Public disturbances and excessive noise, including vulgar language and honking of car horns, are prohibited.
  • No dogs allowed in athletic parks. - No sales of food, merchandise, possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages are permitted on athletic parks unless approved by athletic park Superintendent and specified on permit. For details, see the Alcohol Consumption Zero Tolerance Policy.
  • No footwear with metal cleats or cleats in excess of ½ inch allowed.
  • Excessive noise makers are prohibited.
  • Dogs are not permitted at athletic parks (Bylaw 23M2006 – Section 15). For their safety and the safety of others, please leave dogs at home.

Additional rules: Artificial Turf Field

  • No access to fields during snow removal. Snow removal is not guaranteed on Shouldice Artificial Turf fields until after the first Saturday in May. Snow removal is not provided for regular bookings at Ernest Manning. It will only be considered upon request and for a special event. (extra costs will apply).
  • No removal of grass fibers or infill material.
  • Not permitted: driving stakes, bikes, rollerblades, skateboards, food, gum, seeds, nuts, sports drinks (water only), tobacco products, glass, sunscreen, oils, creams, hard nylon or metal cleats.

Additional rules: Track user

  • When soccer field being utilized at Glenmore Athletic Park, running track use is not permitted (and vice versa).
  • Rollerblade and bike use is prohibited.

Alcohol zero tolerance policy

The City of Calgary has zero tolerance for alcohol consumption at Recreation and Parks facilities. We ask you to follow these guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable family environment for all.

This Zero Tolerance guideline protects users, visitors and staff from risk and/or injury. For more information, refer to The Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis Act, Section 89 (1)​.

These guidelines apply to all arenas, athletic parks, pools, playfields and multi-purpose facilities. Exceptions are noted. Otherwise the penalties for consuming alcohol at a City facility are:

A: Individual Group/Special Event/Team:

  1. First offence – all related bookings at the facility where the offence took place will be cancelled without refund.
  2. Second offence – all related bookings at any City of Calgary facility will be cancelled without refund.

B: Leagues:

  1. First offence – The league will have the option of removing the offending team from their league, or lose all booked permit times at the facility where the offence occurred. Should the league choose to remove the offending team from the league, they will also be required to provide the team schedule to Facility Bookings so that those games can be removed from the leagues’ permit. Leagues must provide Facility Bookings the team schedule and notification that the team has been removed from the league by the deadline provided in official communication from the Calgary Recreation.
  2. Second offence - If a league and teams within the league continue not to comply with these guidelines, the league will lose all booked permit time at City facilities with no refund for monies paid.

Zero tolerance policy exceptions

Alcohol may be served at City of Calgary facilities with pre-approval from The City, as follows:

  • Festivals/Events booked through Recreation with approval/license from The Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis (AGLC) agency and paid security.
  • Private adult events booked through an Athletic Park Special Event Application Form, with proof of AGLC approval/license. Security is provided for the duration of the event at a cost of $25 per hour per security guard. Security volunteers are not permitted.
  • Concessions with an AGLC license to sell alcohol.

Third parties leasing City facilities with an AGLC license to sell alcohol for activities or events (i.e. the Tennis Academy, Volleydome Inc.).