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Book a boat stall

Boat stall rentals require the purchase of a boat stall permit for the season.

Boat stall rentals are available at South Glenmore Park and Heritage Park for Summer: May 1- October 31. Boat stalls rented after the start of the season are prorated to reflect use date booked.

Boat stall rentals are available at the Heritage Park gravel lot for winter.

Winter storage season will start November 1 at 12:00 p.m. and end on April 30 at 4:00 p.m.

Contact Facility Bookings

Questions? Contact us anytime by email​ or between 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday to Friday by phone at 403-268-3800, option #2

Looking to transfer your boat stall, rack, or mooring?

Step 1 – Review rental rates

Boat stall rentals are only bookable by the season. Daily boat stall rentals are not available. The summer season is 184 days while the winter season is only 181 days (182 days in a leap year). The difference is reflected in the seasonal rate.

All prices include GST.

2021/2022 Gravel boat stall rates effective May 1, 2021

Stall type Daily Summer Winter

8' Gravel stall




7' Gravel stall




6' Gravel stall




2021 Paved boat stall rates effective May 1, 2021

Stall type Daily Summer Winter

10' Paved stall




9' Paved stall




8' Paved stall




7' Paved stall




6' Paved stall




Step 2 – Learn about our locations & check availability

Please be aware that stall availability changes quickly and what appears to be an open booking online may have requests pending.

Instructions for using the availablility tool

  • Search for a Single day – EG: Start Date August 1 and End Date August 1 - we book the stalls for the whole season so if the stall is available for a single day it is available for the season.
  • There is only 1 hour available to search so Start time should be 12:00 p.m. and End Time should be 1:00 p.m. – again if it is available for the hour it is available for the season.
  • As you are searching a Single day you can SKIP the Day of the week.
  • In the Venue Box choose a Single Location if two are available.  This narrows it to ONE location and will provide more accurate results.  If no results appear, try the other location.
  • Once you have some suitable available options go to the top of the page to the “Request Space” section and click the link to submit an application.

Step 3 - Review rules and regulations

  • Boat stalls/racks are for boat storage only.
  • Permit stickers must be visibly displayed on bow of boat or front of trailer. Stickers will be mailed to customers once payment is received.
  • Short term daily bookings are not accepted. Boat Stalls are booked by the season only.
  • Winter regulations for Glenmore Reservoir states: Any contact with the ice is prohibited.
  • No person shall place or remove a Boat in or from the waters of Glenmore Reservoir from any place along its shore which is not specifically designated and marked for such a use.
  • No person shall moor a Boat at any place on the shores of the Glenmore Reservoir or in its waters except in those locations specifically designated for moorage by the Director, Calgary Recreation.
  • Glenmore Park bylaw 9018

Step 4 - Check booking timelines

Timelines for booking periods and applications

  • March 15, 2021 - Summer renewal permits emailed.
  • March 29, 2021 - Payment deadline for summer renewals.
  • April 5-9, 2021 - Transfer requests processed for summer renewal customers (application only).​
  • April 13, 2021 - Boat stall summer public day (application only).
  • April 30, 2021 - Boat stalls winter season close
  • May 1, 2021 - Boat stalls summer season open.​
  • October 5, 2021 - Boat stall winter public day (application only).
  • October 31, 2021 - Boat stalls summer season close.
  • November 1, 2021 - Boat stalls winter season open.

Renewal rights

Seasonal summer storage is independent from the winter storage. Currently renewals are only offered for the summer season.

Full payment must be received by the invoice deadline to renew a boat stall for the next season.

Step 5 - Submit an application

Any new requests are accepted starting on the applicable release dates.

Please note full payment is due upon receipt of permit.

To book a boat stall

Ready-to-apply checklist

When you can mark each task completed, you’re ready to fill out the application form.

__ I've selected a location and confirmed my preferred spot is available.
__ I'm aware of the rental rates and when payment is due.
__ I'm applying in the correct season.