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Drop-in and bookable fire pits at community parks

Fire pits at parks

Bookable and drop-in options.

Book a fire pit

Fire pits are free-to-use from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. on weekdays and weekends. Fire pits are available for drop-ins and bookings.

Note: All fire pits use is subject to local fire bans.

Before you visit

  • Bring enough wood to burn for your booking. Please don't use trees or other materials from the park in fire pits. This damages trees and disturbs wildlife.
  • Have a fire safety plan
    • Pick one person to be in charge of the fire
    • Have a way to quickly put out the fire if needed
    • Bring a first aid kit just in case
  • Bring water to put out the fire

Fire pit locations

You can use our fire pits between 10 a.m. and 9 p.m. weekdays and weekends. Alcohol is allowed at some fire pits.

N.W. parks

Park Fire pit location

Hillhurst - Riley Park

800 - 12 St. N.W.

Riley Park fire pit map
Kincora - Symons Valley Park
465 Kincora Glen Rd. N.W.
Symons Valley fire pit map

Mount Pleasant - Confederation Park

905 - 30 Ave. N.W.

Confederation fire pit map
Sherwood Park
660 Sherwood Blvd. N.W.
Sherwood fire pit map

West Confederation Park (formerly Canmore Park)

2836 Canmore Rd. N.W.

West Confederation fire pit map

N.E. parks

Park Fire pit location

Big Marlbourough Park

6021 Madigan Dr NE

Marlbourough Park fire pit map

Bridgeland Plaza

912 General Ave. N.E.

Bridgeland Plaza fire pit map
Mayland Heights
320 - 19 St. N.E.
Mayland Heights fire pit map

Westwinds - Prairie Winds Park (SW and NE fire pits)

223 Castleridge Blvd. N.E.

Prairie Winds fire pit map

S.W. parks

Park Fire pit location


2418 - 17 St SW

Bankview fire pit map

Beltline - Thomson Family Park 

1236-16 AV SW

Thomson Family fire pit map

Parkhill - Stanley Park

330 - 42 Ave SW

Stanley Park fire pit map

Spruce Cliff - Cedar Crescent Park

411 Cedar Cr. S.W.

Cedar Crescent fire pit map

Bowforth Park

1034 5 Ave SW

Bowforth Park fire pit map

Richmond Community Park

2620 - 20 St S.W. 

Richmond Community Park fire pit map

S.E. parks

Park Fire pit location
Inglewood - Mills Park
1508 - 9 Ave. S.E.
Mills Park fire pit map
Copperfield Park
41 Copperfield Pt. S.E.
Copperfield fire pit map

New Brighton Regional Park (East end, #2

1012 New Brighton Dr. S.E.

New Brighton #2 fire pit map

Deer Ridge Park

60 Deerpath Rd. S.E.

Deer Ridge fire pit map

How to book a fire pit

Getting a permit to book a fire pit is easy and free!

Check your desired location and time slot for availability and click "select my time".

Note: you will need to create a Live and Play account to book.

What to burn

You must bring your own firewood to use in our fire pits (no permit required).

Do not burn:

  • Twigs, fallen branches, pinecones or other materials found in the park
  • Wood that is painted, treated or contains glue or resin
  • Wood from a different location, region or province
  • Elm wood
  • Wet or green/fresh cut wood
  • Yard waste (cut grass or leaves)
  • Garbage
  • Rubber or plastic
  • Furniture
  • Fireworks or other incendiary devices

Bring your own equipment

  • Lighters, matches, pokers, etc.
  • Roasting sticks, metal skewers, grill baskets, etc.
  • Marshmallows, hot dogs, hot chocolate, etc. (alcohol is not permitted)
  • Folding chairs

During your visit

  • Keep it clean - clean up any garbage before leaving the area
  • Be respectful to plants and wildlife
  • Don't try to move the fire pit while it's turned on or still hot
  • Keep flames at a reasonable size (one metre high and one metre wide)
  • Do not leave a propane fire pit unattended
  • When you're done, turn off the propane
  • Bad behaviour, out of control flames and damage to the park may result in fines up to $10,000