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Condominium permit application

Condominium permit application

Before You apply

Do you need a permit?

All new buildings and additions to existing buildings, including mezzanines, require planning approval through a development permit, as well as building safety approval through a building permit. A building permit application can only be made once the related development permit is approved. In addition, other permits (i.e Occupancy, Electrical, Plumbing and Gas, and HVAC) may be required.

How much will it cost?

​Use ​Application fee
Use: ​Condominium application Application fee: ​$40 per unit
Use the Planning Application Fee Calculator to estimate your fee.​

See the planning application fee schedule​ for a complete list of planning application fees.

How long will it take?

Timelines indicated are not a guarantee and depend on volumes, application completeness, and the applicant’s timely replies to additional information requests from the City.

Review information on timelines and the approvals process

How to prepare your application

For a smooth application, make sure you know the following information:

Illustration of building being built

There’s an easier way to find planning information.

We’ve curated the best development and building information from The City and put it one place.

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MyID business account

Businesses can register for a myID business account. A business account is intended for myID services to be submitted on behalf of a business or organization. Please follow the steps outlined on the myID business account page.

What are the rules?

When can you apply?

You can apply at the building's framing stage or later.

With new construction buildings, the development permit should be released, the building permit should be issued, and the building should be at the framing stage. Receipt of the development completion permit confirms your project conforms with approvals.

With existing buildings, you can apply anytime. If the building is complete for more than two years, we will conduct an inspection to determine if there are any non-conformance issues. If there are, we will provide a report advising how the issues can be resolved. If the building is over 10 years old, we will determine the requirements for an occupancy permit. An occupancy permit is required under Section 12(6) of the Province of Alberta Condominium Property Act​.


Tips for a smooth application process

Before you apply

Download the checklist and check each application requirement as you prepare to submit your application. Items listed on the checklist are the minimum requirements. We might need more information after we review your application.

Provide all required documents on the checklist, including drawings, supporting material, and any additional forms. If you are not sure if something is required, contact the Planning Services Centre

Use sample drawings to review what you need to include on your plans

Double check your documents are completed and make sure you have all required items on your plans before you upload them

After you apply

The Planning Services Centre may contact you for more information required for your application. Follow-up on requests for more information as quickly as possible. 

Use the Job Access Code (JAC) to check status updates for your application on

  • You’ll get a JAC by e-mail after you’ve submitted your application. If you did not receive a JAC number, contact the Planning Services Centre.
  • Checking your application’s status using your JAC will provide you with timely updates about the status of your application

What is a complete application?

A complete application means that you have provided all the necessary requirements for our teams to complete their reviews. You should provide everything listed on the Complete Application Requirement List and the Guide to a Complete Application (if applicable), including plans, supporting documents and payment.

An application for a permit may be refused  if, within ninety (90) days from the date of receipt,  if adequate information and documentation is not supplied as requested by the Safety Codes Officer. Should a permit be considered for refusal, the applicant will be given notification in writing and 30 days to resubmit the missing information. For more information, please review Building advisory A19-002 building permit complete application.

Apply online

To apply online, you need a myID account. Create a myID account.

We’re currently experiencing higher than seasonal application volumes, we apologize for delays. To check the status of your permit, go to and enter in your Job Access Code (JAC) number

Apply in-person

Complete the application form.

Once you have gathered all required documents, you can apply for your permit in person by visiting the Planning Services Centre.

After you apply

How to check the status of your permit

After you submit your application online, you will get a confirmation email with a Job Access Code (JAC).

To track your application and check its status, enter your Job Access Code in Vista.

If you need help or have questions, contact our Planning Services Centre

What inspections do you need?

Building permit inspections you will need

Commercial building permits

Please note that the inspection process is dynamic, and an inspection outcome depends on the construction method and site conditions at time of inspection.

Please contact the Technical Assistance Centre for more information. or visit building inspections.

If you’ve applied for the following trade permits, you will need these inspections:

Electrical trade permits

Please note that the inspection process is dynamic, and an inspection outcome depends on the construction method and site conditions at time of inspection.

Please contact the Technical Assistance Centre for more information. or visit building inspections.

Plumbing trade permits

What you need to complete before you call for each plumbing inspection:

Rough-in inspection

  • Install and complete all plumbing drainage and venting.
  • Install and connect water lines to the rest of the water distribution system.
  • Properly support all drains, vents, and water lines.
  • Install the bathtub/shower valve.

Final inspection

  • Install and ensure all fixtures and equipment are ready for use.
  • Ensure the bathtub and shower water temperature does not exceed 49 degrees Celsius.
  • Seal all piping designed for future fixtures with an approved plug or cap.
  • Provide a shut off valve for all toilets.

HVAC/Mechanical trade permit

Following an inspection, The City’s safety codes officer (SCO) may identify corrective action to comply with the National Building Code (Alberta Edition). In place of a re-inspection, the SCO may provide an option to submit a verification of compliance (VOC).

Inspection information

How do you book your inspections?

All contractors can book inspections online through the inspections booking system.

Our enhanced inspections booking system provides a more streamlined experience for contractors to better manage their inspections. Contractors can book, reschedule or cancel their inspections all through the online tool.

Please note, inspections can be booked up to 10 business days in advance and occur Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The City continues to do our best to accommodate booking requests, however some dates may be unavailable due to inspection capacity.

Do I require an occupancy inspection?

An occupancy permit​ is the final approval indicating that the building is safe to occupy. The building safety codes officer will review the scope of work to determine if an occupancy permit is required. If required, the building safety codes officer will provide an application for occupancy form to the general contractor at the time of inspection. If occupancy is granted, the building inspector will leave the signed occupancy permit with the contractor on site. New businesses will need to arrange for a business licence after they have received their occupancy permit. ​​

Visit building inspections for information on how to book an inspection, cancel or reschedule, permit expiry and the applicable requirements for each inspection type.

What to do if you want to make changes?

What happens if you need to extend your permit?

What happens after you apply

  • The application will be reviewed, circulated, and then forwarded to the Development Authority for approval.
  • The Development Authority approves and forwards the application to the City Clerks department for endorsement. This is the final step in the municipal process, where we finalize the Certificate of Municipal Authority.
  • We will notify the applicant that the application is complete, and is ready to be registered with Alberta Land Titles.
  • An address list is forwarded to our addressing department, and Alberta Land Titles forwards a copy of the approved plan to our Infrastructure and Information Services department so it can be added to the corporate database.

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