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All plumbing and gas installations require permits, including installations for renovation work. Please note the information on this web page is intended for contractors. If you are a homeowner, you may apply for all permit types except for a gas permit. 

A homeowner can apply for a gas permit only if he or she is an Alberta certified journeyman gasfitter working on a single family residential home. The homeowner applicant must reside, or intend to reside, at the work location and must apply in person with proof of qualifications. For more information, visit Heating, cooling and ventilation​ or Homeowner electrical and plumbing permits.

Technical Assistance Centre

The City’s Technical Assistance Centre can answer many common plumbing and gas quest​ions. Submit an online inquiry or contact 311 to speak with one of our safety codes officers about code requirements, to complete your project correctly and safely.

Requesting an inspection

Book an inspection by contacting 311 or using your online VISTA account. Requests for an insp​ection the following day must be made by 2 p.m. You can contact 311 on the morning of your inspection to find out if it will be in the morning or afternoon.

Temporary heat use on construction sites

Make sure you understand what permits are required and what you need to ensure the safety of employees and neighbours while using temporary heat sources.

  • Permits are required for propane, natural gas, and heater installations on construction sites. A City of Calgary safety codes officer will visit the site and ensure conditions are safe.
  • When you rent a construction heater for a job site, you are responsible for making sure all equipment is approved and certified, and that it is set up, maintained and used properly.
  • Propane tanks, cylinders and hoses must be protected from vehicles and moving equipment by placement of approved barriers.
  • Propane cylinders must always remain upright and must be moved by using designated equipment and methods.
  • Placement of propane tanks and cylinders must comply with clearance requirements from doors or windows, property lines, and ignition sources.

Permit types

​Gas permits ​Required for
Gas permits: Gas permit Required for: installing, altering or adding to a gas system.
Gas permits: Furnace replacement permit Required for: ​HVAC contractors completing a residential furnace replacement.
Gas permits: Temporary gas permit Required for: ​propane, natural gas and heater installations on construction sites
Gas permits: Meter relocate permit Required for: ​gas meter relocations
​Plumbing permits ​Required for
Plumbing permits: Plumbing permit Required for: ​installing, altering or adding to a plumbing system.
Plumbing permits: Hydronic permit Required for: installing, altering or adding to a hydronic heating system.
Plumbing permits: Private sewage permit Required for: ​undertaking a private sewage disposal system.
Plumbing permits: CCCD permit Required for: ​installing or replacing a cross connection control device.
Plumbing permits: Solar thermal permit Required for: ​a solar hot water system installation.
Plumbing permits: Water reuse permit Required for: ​installing a water reuse system.
​Fireplace permits ​Required for
Fireplace permits: Gas fireplace installation permit Required for: ​installing a fireplace insert. It does not include the gas connection.
It may be applied for by a gas fireplace installer.
Fireplace permits: Homeowner’s fireplace installation permit Required for: a homeowner may apply for this permit if he or she lives in the home and will be installing the fireplace themselves.

Additional resources

Call before you dig - Most Alberta communiti​es and industries are serviced by a complex network of underground facilities. Before you dig or disturb the ground, find out what is buried below at no charge, through the one-call system.

Building and trade permit fee schedule – A summary of building and trade permit fees is provided for convenience only. For official fees, reference the Calgary Building Permit Bylaw 64M94, Electrical Permit Bylaw 46M2014, and Safety Codes Permit Fee Bylaw 63M94. 

Atco Gas regulations – Building or renovating a garage? Read more about provincial natural gas regulations, gas line locates and relocating your natural gas service line. 

Estimate your trade permit fees - A tool is available to assist with estimating trade permit fees. Fees are subject to change at any time and are increased annually on January 1. Any fee estimate done before January 1 will not be correct if the permit is pulled on, or after, January 1.

Cross Connection Control Program - A joint effort by a variety of groups and professionals to reduce water contamination risks in water infrastructure where there is a physical connection between our drinking water system and non-potable water infrastructure.

Low water use fixture bylaw (see section 16) - The Water Utility Bylaw requires the installation of low water use fixtures in all homes and commercial construction, including renovations.

Bulletins and advisories​

For clarification on how to implement the code requirements, please view the plumb​ing and gas building regulation bulletins and advisories.

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