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Public hearing on April 22, 2024. Proposed rezoning will support more housing options in all communities.

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A pre-application is a voluntary process where a prospective applicant may present a development proposal to The City for review and comment, prior to a formal application being submitted. The City currently offers two types of pre-application services:

Development Applications Review Team (DART) pre-applications are strongly recommended on all major, complex or controversial outline plan, subdivision, land use amendment and development permit applications. Having a DART pre-application can help identify major issues with the proposal, as well as identify supplemental technical information that will be required to accompany the formal application. 

A Development Applications Review Team (DART) pre-application is reviewed by a planner and representatives from mobility and utility engineering and is submitted online through​.

Development Applications Review Team (DART) pre-applications
Complete application requirement list.

For detailed step-by-step instructions on how to submit a DART pre-application, click on the how-to guide​.

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