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The City's role in wireless infrastructure deployment

To support innovation and remain an attractive place to start or grow a business, The City’s role is to provide a streamlined approach for wireless service providers (Rogers, Shaw/Freedom Mobile, TELUS etc.) to make an inquiry about access to City-owned infrastructure for the deployment of wireless infrastructure.

Wireless service providers (WSPs) may search online for City-owned assets (e.g. street lights, buildings, land for macro towers) and submit a site feasibility request. If the site is deemed feasible, they may apply for site access. The City of Calgary reviews and grants access to City-owned assets with a focus on design, location and structural considerations.

In addition, WSPs follow an antenna submission process to apply for concurrence through the land use authority.

Access to City-owned assets - approving authority

While The City of Calgary grants access to City-owned assets, The City is not the final approving authority for telecommunications antennas. Approval comes from the Government of Canada with Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) as the approving authority for the development and operation of radiocommunication in Canada, including telecommunications antennas, pursuant to the Radiocommunication Act and the Radiocommunication and Broadcasting Antenna Systems procedures.

Health and radiofrequency exposure

The City’s review does not assess or evaluate health and radiofrequency exposure. Health concerns relating to radiofrequency, energy and safety fall under the national jurisdiction of Health Canada.

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, a government department that regulates wireless communication technology in Canada, uses Safety Code 6 in setting its standards and regulations for radio frequency exposure limits for wireless devices and associated infrastructure, such as antennas.

For more information on radio frequency, health and safety, please contact Health Canada at or go to:

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