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The next evolution in mobile and wireless technology, 5G, is quickly becoming a reality, with the goal of delivering faster connections and greater capacity. This is a critical step for building connected, resilient and smart cities that will support new technologies.

To support this evolution into 5G and beyond, The City of Calgary has defined the parameters for wireless service providers to attach their wireless infrastructure to City-owned assets.

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How does it work?

Wireless service providers can access the information they need to help plan their wireless infrastructure deployments.

Have questions?

Please send questions or feedback to WID@calgary.ca or check out our frequently asked questions page.


  • Call for Collaboration

    5G Digital Playground

    We are looking to connect with industry players to explore new opportunities for a 5G Digital Playground. Any addendum or change to this Notice of Collaboration will be posted here.

1. Search for assets

Search, view and export information about City of Calgary owned assets. Asset data information can be exported as CSV or GeoJSON files. Access to the map requires a myID business account.

Go to the asset map

2. Submit a site feasibility request

Complete the Integrated Site Feasibility Form. Then email it to the case steward at wid@calgary.ca

Note: Additional documentation may be requested.

The case steward will inform you the site has been deemed feasible for wireless infrastructure deployment and any conditions.

Complete the Site feasibility form Email the completed Site feasibility form

3. Apply for site access

If a site is deemed feasible, The City or its authorized agents will provide you with a site access form and work with you to complete a detailed design for the proposed installation.

Go to the asset map

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