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Thank you to our operational employees

Thank you to our operational employees

Every day, thousands of operational services employees ensure the essential services Calgarians rely on are available, rain or shine. Our community has experienced times of adversity over the past decade, in extreme conditions they have maintained and restored critical infrastructure, utilities, transit, roadways, pathways, transportation networks and made sure public parks and spaces were clean, accessible and safe. 

This webpage pays tribute to the work of our operational frontline teams. We are proud to share their accomplishments and extend our deepest thanks to them for being there for our community, in the good times and the bad.  

The September snowstorm and tree disaster

In 2014, a late summer snowstorm produced Calgary’s largest September snowfall in more than a century. The storm damaged half of trees across the city. Large branches and entire trees crashed down on sidewalks, streets and power lines. City parks with mature trees and large overhead canopies were temporarily closed for public safety.

Employees working in what is now known as The City’s Operational Services department, played a significant role in response, clean up and repairs. Among the highlights:

  • City streets, sidewalks, pathways and public parks were cleared of heavy snow and extensive tree debris.
  • The snowstorm resulted in in the more than 100 traffic signals to be disconnected from power. All traffic light issues were resolved within the first 24 hours after the storm.
  • More than 26 million kilograms of tree debris were brought to City Waste Management Facilities. That's enough to fill the football field at McMahon Stadium about 40 metres deep.
  • 3 LRT stations had to have power restored and service resumed.
  • Waste & Recycling Services teams mulched branches and debris so they could be used in Calgary parks.
  • The City opened 32 leaf and pumpkin recycling depots two weeks earlier than usual to accommodate community tree debris.
  • Task forces were formed – comprised of City employees, members of Canada Task Force 2, and Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development.
  • Following the storm, the Parks Urban Forestry team worked in over 80 communities, including restorative pruning of 59,000 trees and assessing 69,000 trees.
  • As part of the recovery efforts, Parks Urban Forestry created an online map that allowed Calgarians to track the timing and type of tree recovery work in their communities.
  • In 2015, Parks Urban Forestry planted over 7,400 trees.
  • A ReTree YYC community program was developed to empower communities to revitalize the urban canopy and to engage Calgarians in tree stewardship.

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