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Electric vehicles in Calgary 

2,601 electric vehicles in Calgary

Needs Improvement

Needs Improvement

Further efforts are required to put Calgary on track to meeting 100% zero emission vehicles in Calgary by 2050. Supporting the transition to ZEVs in the community has been identified as priority over the next four years and The City is leading by example by transitioning its fleet to low carbon vehicles through the Green Fleet Strategy. 

Zero emissions vehicles (ZEVs) are vehicles that do not produce any direct exhaust or tailpipe greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Since motor vehicles are the most popular way of getting around in Calgary, ZEVs give us a major opportunity to reduce GHG emissions and local air pollution from the transportation sector in Calgary. Electric vehicles (EVs) are the ZEVs that you are most likely to see on Calgary’s roads today. 

In 2023, ZEVs in Alberta can more accurately be called low emission vehicles. This is because the electricity grid in Alberta is currently made up of both GHG-producing and zero-emission energy sources.

As Alberta’s grid moves further away from fossil fuels, the term ZEV will become more accurate. However, even with today’s grid, EVs produce about half the GHG emissions of a comparable gasoline-powered vehicle.

As of March 2022, 2,601 vehicles registered to an address in Calgary were EVs. And their uptake is growing rapidly: from 2018 to 2022, the number of EVs in Calgary has increased each year by an average of 72 per cent.

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The City of Calgary is supporting low emissions vehicle adoption

We are actively implementing our Green Fleet Strategy, which is helping us transition our City vehicles - from waste collection trucks and street sweepers to sedans - to fully electric, electric hybrid, and other low emission vehicle technologies.

We are also implementing the Electric Vehicle and Low-Emissions Vehicle Strategy to support ZEV adoption in Calgary through actions such as:  

  • Installing more public charging stations across Calgary.
  • Partnering with other Southern Alberta municipalities to support a regional network of public chargers.
  • Developing incentive programs to support Calgarians in installing chargers at home.
  • Exploring, testing, and evaluating innovative concepts such as Community Charging Hubs.

We are learning from the latest best practices to address the different barriers to adoption.


The City of Calgary manages a growing fleet of electric vehicles used to deliver City services.
The City of Calgary manages a growing fleet of electric vehicles used to deliver City services.

Plans and strategies

Fulfilling the 2023-2026 Climate Implementation Plan

Focus Area: Mobility

Supporting Calgary’s Climate Strategy 

Theme: Zero carbon neighbourhoods