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Home Energy Labelling

Home Energy Label Program

The Home Energy Label Program empowers Calgarians to understand their home’s energy use and make informed decisions to reduce their energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Home EnerGuide label

EnerGuide Labels are used to rate the energy performance of homes, much like they are used with major home appliances, like washers and dryers. They breakdown how a home uses energy and the greenhouse gas emissions associated with that energy use. The rating on the label can be used to compare the energy efficiency of a home to a typical new home, and other homes with EnerGuide Labels.

EnerGuide label rebate and requirement

The Home Energy Label Program - New Home Pilot is accepting applications for one year beginning September 13, 2023. Participating builders can receive a $250 rebate per energy label up to a maximum of $7,500 per applicant. The rebate is available on new single construction permits (SCPs) for single-family, semi-detached, or duplex homes.

Learn more about eligibility requirements and how to apply.

Starting in September 2024, home builders may be required to disclose an EnerGuide Label for all new low-density homes built in Calgary. A bylaw will first need to be passed by Council. View the New Home EnerGuide Timeline for more information.

Home Energy Performance Map

Launching in 2024, the Home Energy Performance Map will provide open and accessible home energy data for all residential properties throughout the city. It will combine submitted EnerGuide labels with modeled digital energy scores, which are calculated with historical energy consumption data.

By disclosing the energy performance ratings of homes, builders and homeowners can more accurately assess the energy costs and the associated greenhouse gas emissions of ownership and operation, as well as assign value to energy efficiency when buying, selling or renovating a home.

The City is accepting voluntary EnerGuide label submissions for inclusion on the Home Energy Performance Map. If you already have an EnerGuide label for your residential building(s), please review the Terms and Conditions and then submit your label by clicking on the button below.

What is a digital energy score?

Creating an EnerGuide Label for all existing homes in Calgary would take a very long time. Digital energy scores are calculated using historical EnerGuide data or energy consumption data.

These home energy scores are less accurate than EnerGuide Labels, but can cover more than 350,000 homes and eliminate the need for on-site testing. These existing home digital energy scores would be disclosed on the Disclosure Tool alongside the new home EnerGuide Labels.

If your home has an EnerGuide Label, you will be able to replace your digital score.

Frequently asked questions

Why does Calgary need the Home Energy Label Program?

On July 5, 2022, City Council approved the Calgary Climate Strategy: Pathways to 2050, giving direction to develop a process to require all new residential buildings to have a building energy label. This action aligns with Calgary’s goal of net zero emissions by 2050, as set out by the Climate Emergency Declaration.

When did The Home Energy Label Program begin?

On July 5, 2022, City Council approved the Calgary Climate Strategy: Pathways to 2050, giving direction to develop a process to require all new residential buildings to have a building energy label.

Can I use my label submission as a method of compliance with Section 9.36 of the National Building Code of Canada – 2019 Alberta Edition?

Submission of EnerGuide Labels to the Home Energy Label Program does not supersede Section of the National Building Code of Canada – 2019 Alberta Edition.

When will EnerGuide Labels become mandatory for new homes?

Pending bylaw approval from Council, EnerGuide Labels will be required on all new homes starting September 2024.

Does a builder have to provide an EnerGuide Label for a home?

Builders can voluntarily provide EnerGuide labels for a rebate through the New Home Pilot. Starting in September 2024, EnerGuide labels may be required on all new low-density homes.

What type of homes are included and how many homes will be labeled each year?

The Home Energy Label Program focuses on new construction homes that are single-detached, semi-detached, or duplexes. Approximately 5,000 of these dwelling types are constructed each year. In the future, the list of home types may expand to include townhouses and rowhouses. Digital energy scores are expected to be produced for over 350,000 homes.

Where can I find an Energy Advisor?

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What is a blower door test?

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How can I become an Energy Advisor?

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Why does my new home not have an EnerGuide Label?

In some cases, builders do not submit an EnerGuide Label to the Home Energy Label Program. Please contact your builder for further questions.