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55 per cent of river flood risk mitigated

On track

On track

The City is on track to reduce Calgary’s flood risk 70 per cent by 2025 once the Springbank Reservoir is built and fully operational.

In 2013, Calgary experienced the largest flooding event since 1932, which displaced 80,000 people and cost hundreds of millions in damages, ranking it as one of the costliest natural disasters in Canada’s recent history.​

The City of Calgary, with financial assistance from the Government of Alberta (GoA) and the Government of Canada, has invested or committed approximately $1 billion in flood mitigation infrastructure for Calgary.

Since 2013, approximately 55 per cent of Calgary’s flood damage exposure has been eliminated, or over $90 million in average annualized damages (2015 damage assessment basis). By 2025, an additional 15 per cent of damage exposure will be averted. The remaining exposure will be mostly in Bow River adjacent communities.

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Calgary is a flood resilient city

The full impact of the flood across Alberta has been assessed at approximately $5 billion. The City’s Flood Recovery Task Force identified a total of $409 million in damages to City of Calgary infrastructure alone.

The City continues to reduce the exposure to this changing hazard in a shifting climate.

Flood protection gives a good return​

By 2025:

  • 2,210 more properties will be protected to at least a 1:100 flood level, within Calgary’s river valley communities and business improvement areas.
  • $68 billion assessed value of property and infrastructure will be protected to at least 1:100 flood level, which includes, homes, buildings, roads, LRT, utilities, etc. 
A car is flooded during the 2013 flood in Calgary
 ​ A car is flooded during the 2013 flood in Calgary

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