City of Calgary environmental policy

The City of Calgary is committed to fostering an environmentally sustainable community by providing the leadership to conserve, protect and improve the environment for the benefit of Calgarians and the regional community.

Our goal is to integrate social, economic and environmental objectives into a coordinated decision-making process to maintain high standards of living, social harmony and environmental quality. View our current environmental policy.

The City of Calgary environmental policy objectives

  • Ensure environmental considerations are part of all City of Calgary decisions
  • Initiate municipal by-laws and promote legislative initiatives by other orders of government
  • Ensure our own operations comply with environmental legislation and other environmental requirements. This includes the operations of contractors working on our behalf
  • Encourage and demonstrate resource conservation and pollution prevention
  • Communicate with all relevant stakeholders for input into the development of our environmental objectives
  • Implement and continually improve an environment management system for operational effectiveness