Saw cutting and coring

When saw cutting and coring, the slurry created may contain contaminants including sediment, hydrocarbons and high pH water.

If your operations involve saw cutting of asphalt or concrete, slurry must not be allowed to enter the storm water system or water bodies.

How can I prevent cutting and coring contamination?

Here are some recommended methods to prevent contamination from saw cutting and coring:

  • Minimize the amount of water being used to cool the saw
  • Avoid saw cutting or coring operations in wet weather
  • Contain slurry in the immediate work area by using standard erosion and sediment control mechanisms
  • Cover or block catch basins to prevent slurry from entering them
  • Collect slurry using an appropriate sized vacum
  • Use saws with built-in slurry containment systems where possible

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