Standard General Conditions - Environment

When a contractor completes a successful tender with the City of Calgary, they will receive the Standard General Conditions as part of the contract documents.

What environmental controls are in the Standard General Conditions?

Article 20 of the Standard General Controls mandates that for construction projects, the contractor must ensure the appropriate environmental controls are in place to prevent and minimize environmental impact.

The environmental controls under Article 20 in the Standard General Conditions address:​

  • 20.1​ ECO Plan
  • 20.2 Erosion and Sediment Control
  • 20.3 Soil Conservation and Stockpiles
  • 20.4 Project Site Water Management
  • 20.5 Project Site Management
  • 20.6 Waste Managment and Recycling
  • 20.7 Fuelling Operations and Spill Prevention
  • 20.8 Release Reporting and Clean-up
  • 20.9 Discovery of Hazardous Substance
  • 20.10 Use of Hazardous Sustances in Performance of the Work
  • 20.11 Offsite Disposal of Excavated Material
  • 20.12 Recycled and Imported Fill Material
  • 20.13 Water Supply and Disposal
  • 20.14 Authorization to Operate Fire Hydrants
  • 20.15 Reduced Idling of Vehicles and Construction Equipment
  • 20.16 Tree and Plant Protection
  • 20.17 Application of Pesticides and Herbicides
  • 20.18 Clean-Up and Restoration of Project Site

Additionally, view our Contractor Environmental Responsibilities Package and our environmental policy.​​​​​