Tree protection plans

Public trees are City of Calgary property and their protection is mandated by municipal bylaws, including the Tree Protection Bylaw 23M2002 and the Street Bylaw 20M88. This includes trees in parks, natural areas and road right-of-ways.

When is a tree protection plan required?

A tree protection plan may be required if construction work takes place within six metres of a City-owned or controlled tree. For more information on tree protection plans, please contact 311.

Why are tree protection plans necessary?

Trees are an important part of our urban environment. The intent of tree protection plan is to maintain trees as long-term assets to the community and the city in general. Trees cool the city, reduce water run-off and soil erosion, absorb noise and dust, and provide wildlife habitat. Calgary's trees represent a significant investment and are highly valued by Calgarians.

Public trees have come under increased stress in recent years due to redevelopment and construction activities. After a tree is established, any activity that changes the soil conditions or disturbs tree branches, trunks, or root systems is extremely detrimental to a tree's health. Changes can be brought on by soil compaction, excavation and altering the grade.

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