Grades 10-12

The 33rd annual Mayor's Environment Expo will run virtually May 30 to June 3, 2022 and in-person May 31 to June 1, 2022.

See the listings for this grade range below. In-person sessions are on the left and virtual sessions are on the right.

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City of Calgary Recreation

Mobile Adventure Playground

Join us for a self-directed  program that use loose parts and natural materials to inspire active and creative play, and connect people, young and old.

Play spaces have been chosen to meet the needs of creative, imaginative, nature-based and self-directed play that are vital to children's cognitive, emotional and social development.

Onsite play ambassadors will be on site to inspire play.

Suitable for all ages

Cree8 Calgary

Traditional Indigenous Drumming, Songs and Storytelling

Chantal shares Traditional Drumming, Songs, Storytelling, Indigenous Culture, History and Traditional Teachings. Storytelling is what connects us as all people and is an aspect of all songs, Chantal shares the stories and teachings behind the songs, breaking down each song to learn together. Drums carry powerful significance in Traditional Aboriginal culture. Drums are used for healing, ceremony, and celebration, and each song and drum beat carries the messages and intentions of our Ancestors. Drums are a traditional instrument found in all indigenous cultures throughout the world.

Chantal will share stories of how the drum came into being. Participants will learn about the hides in relation to the Medicine Wheel and how the drums and drumsticks are made. Chantal shares the significance and history of various drum weaving styles in connection to the nations and lands they originated from, the culture behind each style, and how each style teaches us lessons we can relate to our own lives.  Chantal will also share the significance and teachings behind drumsticks, and how to properly and respectfully, honour, care for, maintain and play our drums. Together we will, drum, sing, learn songs and hear the stories behind them from several Nations including Cree, Ojibwe/Anishinaabe, Blackfoot, and Cherokee. Traditional Hand Drums will be provided for use.

Suitable for all ages

Smudging & Medicine Wheel Teachings

The Medicine Wheel and Smudging are an integral part of many First Nations and Indigenous cultures throughout Turtle Island. Chantal shares the Teachings, Stories, History and Science behind Smudging and the Medicine Wheel.

Smudging is a sacred way to cleanse, balance, understand and connect to Mother Earth. The medicines used honour the teachings of Four Directions of the Medicine Wheel. We honour and value each medicine is part of the Medicine Wheel that balances and sustains us. We will gain a deeper understanding of the balance and stories for each direction and Plant.

Each individual may have a stronger connection to a particular medicine or direction depending on what is needed in their life at the time. Chantal delves into the science behind the Medicines and explains how every Nation has their own unique way of looking at and learning from the Medicine Wheel.

Although traditions, medicines and stories may be slightly different depending on the Nation, Region or individual sharing the teachings, the message is always of balance and healing. Chantal will share the importance of protocol and how to harvest medicine sustainably and respectfully. Chantal will explain the significance and balance of the Smudge, why we do it, the science and story behind it as we Smudge together.

Suitable for all ages

Online sessions

Break The Divide Foundation

Apathy to Empathy to Action - Break The Divide

This session will discuss the importance of environmental empathy from a youth perspective. Abhayjeet Singh Sachal will speak about travelling to the Canadian Arctic and founding Break The Divide Foundation at the age of 14. The focus of the presentation will be on youth engagement in environmental issues, the importance of nuance in discussions on climate change mitigation and adaptation, and the necessity to unite to take climate action.

Abhay will discuss Break The Divide’s emphasis on dialogue among youth around the world and the necessity of real conversations in a time of polarization and apathy. He will end with a message about the importance of taking action on the climate crisis in an empathetic way - both towards oneself and to those around.

Suitable for Grades 6 - 12

Calgary Stampede

Design a sustainable future

The session will combine many of the Calgary Stampedes education programs and will guide participants through the creation of their own Stampede Poster. The challenge: Create a Stampede poster that shows a sustainable Calgary in the year 2050. This will take many forms depending on the audience, from virtual canvases to in-person painting but the challenge remains the same.

Throughout the session, we will provide sustainability thoughts and examples from the Journey 2050 program, OH Ranch program and the sustainability initiatives used at the Stampede.

Suitable for Grades 7 - 12

Canadian Wildlife Federation - WILD Outside Program

CWF: Get WILD Outside with Citizen Science!

Are you looking for ways to contribute to conservation in your day-to-day life? Or perhaps you’re interested in a career doing field research? Join our WILD Outside staff in this fun and engaging game-show-style session to unveil the power of a photograph and learn how citizen science can be a force for good in our world.

Plus, if you’re a teen looking to get involved in the outdoors or try hands-on conservation skills while meeting other like-minded people, you’ll want to hear about the WILD Outside program and how you can get involved.

Suitable for Grades 10 - 12

Virtual Monday May 30, 2022 - Thursday June 2, 2022. Times as booked by each teacher (8 available). Book a time block and CWF will be in touch to work with you to find the best time for your class. 

City of Calgary – Climate and Environment

Climate Change and Calgary

Climate change impacts all of us. It’s a complex challenge that can seem overwhelming, but the solutions don’t have to be!

This presentation, delivered by members of The City of Calgary’s Climate Program team, will explore what climate change means for our city and our people.

This session, which is 45 minutes long, will explain how The City is preparing for climate change risks and impacts and will empower students to take action on climate change. There will be time for questions at the end.

Suitable for Grades 7 - 12

City of Calgary - Water Resources

Climate, Water, & Us

Geared for grades 7-12, students in this virtual workshop will examine the intricate relationships between climate, our water resources, and our day to day lives. Starting off simple, the basics of climate and of our watershed will be briefly reviewed to ensure a mutual understanding of these foundational concepts. Next will be a deeper dive into how climate both directly and indirectly impacts our water resources, relating it to lived experiences and how we perceive our water resources.

This will introduce a discussion around the importance of integrating mitigation alongside adaptation, providing practical examples of how the City of Calgary has incorporated these concepts into various water related projects. This presentation will culminate in resources to help familiarize students with what climate resiliency can look like both at home and at school.

Suitable for Grades 7 - 12