Grade k-3

Grades K - 3

The 33rd annual Mayor's Environment Expo will run virtually May 30 to June 3, 2022 and in-person May 31 to June 1, 2022.

See the listings for this grade range below. In-person sessions are on the left and virtual sessions are on the right.

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The deadline for in-person registration is May 23, 2022. You can register for virtual events right up until the start of each session.


Alberta Environment & Parks

Sniffing out invasive species in Alberta

Meet one of the conservation K9s and learn how they use their nose to protect Alberta's land & waters with Environment & Parks Conservation K9 Unit

Suitable for Grades 2 - 4

Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation

Creatures and Climate

Join the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation to explore how Alberta's animals will be impacted by climate change, and how we humans can help our wild neighbours cope with this and other challenges to their survival.

Suitable for Grades 3 - 6

The Arusha Centre

Rockin the Free Power

These sessions explore the wonderful world of energy! Through audience participation, live electric guitar and singing, we will explore electricity production, magnetic induction, and active transportation themes. Specific curriculum connections include energy efficiency, energy transformations, climate change, electric motors and magnetic induction.

These sessions allow students to better understand how energy is produced, the importance of conserving energy and innovating energy systems, and real life solutions to current energy and climate concerns, and are customized for each age group!

Suitable for Grades 3 - 4

Calgary Stampede

Design a sustainable future

The session will combine many of the Calgary Stampedes education programs and will guide participants through the creation of their own Stampede Poster. The challenge: Create a Stampede poster that shows a sustainable Calgary in the year 2050. This will take many forms depending on the audience, from virtual canvases to in-person painting but the challenge remains the same.

Throughout the session, we will provide sustainability thoughts and examples from the Journey 2050 program, OH Ranch program and the sustainability initiatives used at the Stampede.

Suitable for Grades K - 9

City of Calgary Recreation

Mobile Adventure Playground

Join us for a self-directed  program that use loose parts and natural materials to inspire active and creative play, and connect people, young and old.

Play spaces have been chosen to meet the needs of creative, imaginative, nature-based and self-directed play that are vital to children's cognitive, emotional and social development.

Onsite play ambassadors will be on site to inspire play.

Suitable for all ages

CPAWS Southern Alberta

Wild Wellness - It's in YOUR Nature

Ever wonder why the world just feels better if you’re outside? Time in nature, or Vitamin N, makes us breathe, think and feel better; but don’t take our word for it. Join CPAWS Southern Alberta for a dose of nature play and mindfulness and let Mother Nature convince you herself!

Suitable for all grades K - 3

Cree8 Calgary

Traditional Indigenous Drumming, Songs and Storytelling

Chantal shares Traditional Drumming, Songs, Storytelling, Indigenous Culture, History and Traditional Teachings. Storytelling is what connects us as all people and is an aspect of all songs, Chantal shares the stories and teachings behind the songs, breaking down each song to learn together. Drums carry powerful significance in Traditional Aboriginal culture. Drums are used for healing, ceremony, and celebration, and each song and drum beat carries the messages and intentions of our Ancestors. Drums are a traditional instrument found in all indigenous cultures throughout the world.

Chantal will share stories of how the drum came into being. Participants will learn about the hides in relation to the Medicine Wheel and how the drums and drumsticks are made. Chantal shares the significance and history of various drum weaving styles in connection to the nations and lands they originated from, the culture behind each style, and how each style teaches us lessons we can relate to our own lives.  Chantal will also share the significance and teachings behind drumsticks, and how to properly and respectfully, honour, care for, maintain and play our drums. Together we will, drum, sing, learn songs and hear the stories behind them from several Nations including Cree, Ojibwe/Anishinaabe, Blackfoot, and Cherokee. Traditional Hand Drums will be provided for use.

Suitable for all ages

Smudging & Medicine Wheel Teachings

The Medicine Wheel and Smudging are an integral part of many First Nations and Indigenous cultures throughout Turtle Island. Chantal shares the Teachings, Stories, History and Science behind Smudging and the Medicine Wheel.

Smudging is a sacred way to cleanse, balance, understand and connect to Mother Earth. The medicines used honour the teachings of Four Directions of the Medicine Wheel. We honour and value each medicine is part of the Medicine Wheel that balances and sustains us. We will gain a deeper understanding of the balance and stories for each direction and Plant.

Each individual may have a stronger connection to a particular medicine or direction depending on what is needed in their life at the time. Chantal delves into the science behind the Medicines and explains how every Nation has their own unique way of looking at and learning from the Medicine Wheel.

Although traditions, medicines and stories may be slightly different depending on the Nation, Region or individual sharing the teachings, the message is always of balance and healing. Chantal will share the importance of protocol and how to harvest medicine sustainably and respectfully. Chantal will explain the significance and balance of the Smudge, why we do it, the science and story behind it as we Smudge together.

Suitable for all ages

Evergreen Theatre

Eco-Skits with Evergreen Theatre

Explore urban environmental concepts through a dramatic lens! Evergreen Theatre will provide your class with an information/activity/script package ahead of your session focused on either climate change, wildlife, waste reduction, plants, urban forests, wetlands or water education. Professional artists will then workshop the script with your students who will practice and perform with costumes and sound effects (Teachers are welcome to record!)

Suitable for Grades K - 6

Green Calgary

Waste Buds

What happens after you throw your waste away? In Green Calgary’s NEW ‘Waste Buds’ workshop participants will compete in a waste-sorting relay game, discover what happens to their recycled and composted materials, and work in teams to find ways to eliminate waste! Students will end the session by making a craft from recycled materials.

Suitable for Grades 2 - 3

Highfield Farm

The Poop Course

The Poop Course follows the soil nutrient cycle journey form worms to plants to food.  Participants will get their hands dirty in our worm bins, try some tasty veggies from our garden and plant a seed in a pot made of cow poop to take home and grow.

Suitable for Grades K - 4

Living Soil Solutions

Worms at Work

Get up and personal with these hardworking squiggly wriggly critters.  The students will learn the difference between Dirt and Soil and its importance to all humans.  Diving into how worms are used for composting and all the things the worms need for us to provide them with a comfortable home.

Suitable for Grades K - 4

Nature Calgary

Backyard Bird Sounds: Come hoot, chirp, cheep, and drum with us

Birds are noisy!  Let’s get noisy with them! Students will learn to describe bird sounds bird sounds using words, phrases, pictures, and sounds.  Each student will have the chance to get noisy and make the hoots, honks, chirps, cheeps, squawks, quacks, and drums using their lung power, whistles, and found objects.  We’ll also play a few games to get students ready to get outside and know who’s making all those wonderful sounds and why!

  • By then end of the webinar, students will…
  • be able to describe and remember bird sounds
  • experience the joy of making bird sounds themselves
  • learn why birds make different sounds
  • learn about some free apps that will help them identify birds sounds in the wild

Suitable for Grades 3 - 9

Thimbleberry Learning

Stories in the Plaza

Stories in the Plaza invites children to step outside and find delight in the ordinary, wonderful ways nature's stories unfold. This active, place-responsive program will support students to foster a sense of belonging in nature at the same time as sparking their curiosity to learn more.

In this program, we'll connect with one of the trees or shrubs in the municipal plaza. We'll also follow along with the adventures of Gary the Goose as he finds courage in the face of fear. The program includes a puppet story, imaginative sensory play, Indigenous connections, group poetry writing, active movement, and a talking circle.

Suitable for Grades 2 - 4

Weaselhead/Glenmore Park Preservation Society

Darken the Night - Importance of Dark Skies for Nocturnal Environments

The workshop is an exploration of the nocturnal world and its wildlife inhabitants through the lens of the impact of light pollution with actions to improve the health of these environments. Students will learn about the ecological importance of dark skies for nocturnal wildlife and delve into some of their biological requirements.

Artificial light at night (light pollution) has a significant impact on the health and behaviour of wildlife and humans including disruption to our circadian rhythms. Students will learn about the many impacts on the nocturnal environment and will gain an understanding of light abatement and actions (including citizen science activities) that can be taken within their community to affect change. Students will gain an understanding of the importance of dark skies for a healthier environment for all.

Suitable for Grades 3 - 9

Walter MacDonald White Bear

Traditional Knowledge Keepers - Cycle of Life

Please join cultural knowledge keeper Walter MacDonald White Bear as he shares traditional knowledge with all walks of life. This workshop will be presented in an educational and theatrical style. Walter will share traditional teachings passed down from Elders who were generous enough to share. Students will learn about oral tradition and indigenous perspectives on the environment and our beautiful planet Earth. In addition, Walter will share music, which will be a mix of traditional songs and folk music.

Suitable for Grades K - 3

Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo

Digging in with Burrowing Owls

The Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo invites students to join us in our mission to sustain wildlife and wild places. In 2016, we launched an innovative program together with Environment and Climate Change Canada and Alberta Environment and Parks to explore whether the conservation tool of head-starting can contribute to burrowing owl recovery in Canada.

This interactive session will focus on the Wilder Institute's Burrowing Owl program and will allow students to act as conservation researchers and technicians. Students will have the opportunity to use field equipment to monitor and track burrowing owls to better understand their behavior. Students will also participate in activities that mimic the conservation techniques employed by the Wilder Institute to recover species at risk.

By the end of the session, students will be able to define “conservation” and will understand some of the things that researchers do in the field to recover threatened species. Students will also gain an appreciation for the burrowing owl, and understand why its’ protection is important for the grassland ecosystem. Students will also learn about the success and limitations of human involvement in saving species through breeding programs and reintroductions. 

Suitable for Grades 3 - 6

Online sessions

Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation

Creatures and Climate

Join the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation to explore how Alberta's animals will be impacted by climate change, and how we humans can help our wild neighbours cope with this and other challenges to their survival.

Suitable for Grades 3 - 6

The City of Calgary - Calgary Parks, Environmental Education

Bee a Polli-neighbour!

Did you know that Calgary is a designated Bee City?  What is a pollinator, can you identify one and why are they so important?  Join us to learn what all the buzz is about and how you can become a polli-neighbour.

Suitable for Grades 1 - 3


DreamRider Productions

Keep Cool online live show by DreamRider Productions

"Keep Cool" online live show!

Join Esmeralda Planet Protector and her sidekick Goober as they learn about how our climate is changing and how we can we move forward with kindness, empathy, and compassion for ourselves, each other, and the planet. 

Through story, song, comedy and time travel, join us as we envision a bright new future together!

Check out the two-minute highlight reel:

Suitable for Grades 1 - 6

Green Calgary and CPAWS Southern Alberta

Science for Young Citizens: Pollinators!

Science for young citizens inspires students to build connections to nature through the use of technology! This introduction to citizen science will help students discover the importance of pollinators in our ecosystems, their needs, lifecycles, and how pollinators are threatened by our changing climate. We will find out how we can submit our pollinator sightings to citizen science apps to contribute to real-world science!

Suitable for Grades 3 - 6

Science for Young Citizens: Birds!

Science for young citizens inspires students to build connections to nature through the use of technology! This introduction to citizen science will help students discover the importance of birds in our ecosystems, their needs, lifecycles, and how birds are threatened by our changing climate. We will find out how we can submit our bird sightings to citizen science apps to contribute to real-world science!

Suitable for Grades 3 - 6

Parks Canada

Banff National Park: A Beary, Berry Good Day

How do you know if an animal is a pet or if it’s wild? What can you do to keep people and wildlife safe in Banff National Park? Discover Parks Canada’s #WildlifeRules through the story of Ursa, a young grizzly bear who goes on a “beary” big adventure. This session includes an illustrated wildlife talk, a storybook reading, and a Q & A session.

Suitable for Grades K - 3

Parcs Canada

Parc national Banff: Une « baie » bonne journée

Comment distinguer un animal de compagnie d’un animal sauvage? Que faire pour assurer la sécurité des humains et de la faune dans le parc national Banff? Familiarisez-vous avec #LaLoiDeLaFaune de Parcs Canada en découvrant le récit d’Ursa, une jeune grizzli qui vit une « baie » grande aventure. Cette séance comporte une causerie illustrée sur la faune, la lecture d’un livre d’histoires et une période de questions-réponses.

Suitable for Grades K - 3