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City owned and managed facilities

City-owned and managed facilities

Lead time for requests: minimum 10 business days lead time

To apply for use of streets, sidewalks or parking, click here to proceed to Step 3 of our application process. (Make sure you don’t miss steps 1 and 2.)

Buildings are an essential element in the delivery of City services to citizens. Permits may be requested to film in a diverse range of facilities owned or managed by The City of Calgary.

Our goal is to accommodate filming requests in the buildings we own or manage; however, we must also consider whether building tenants and the services carried out in the facilities will be negatively affected. Filming options will be limited if production will significantly disrupt the building’s function.

Things to consider when requesting to film in a City facility

  • Due to the nature of the work carried out in some locations, filming requests may not be accommodated. Examples may include areas that house confidential data, require distinct safety measures to enter, areas where elected officials conduct meetings, or if filming will adversely impact operations.
  • Some facilities will have specific conditions to allow filming.  
  • Many facilities house classes (such as swimming, arts, and other forms of recreation) and events booked by members of the public. These previously scheduled events take precedence.  
  • Some circumstances require the presence of security guards while filming in City facilities. Examples could include filming after-hours or in high traffic areas. If security guards are required, their associated fees will be charged to the production company.
  • The use of special effects will require additional permits and approvals.
  • The City’s building portfolio evolves frequently, particularly with vacant buildings. Facility availability is subject to change.

Fees relating to City-owned and managed facilities

All fees are subject to change

Facility rental rates vary based on the impact of the booking on other complex amenities and the length of booking. Approximate daily rates are listed below. Please contact the Film Friendly Team for facility specific costs. 

Each Recreation facility application will incur a non-refundable $26.25 administrative fee due upon processing the application and a $4.75 risk management fee. 

Recreation facility type Approximate base fee

Arena – Single surface

(ice or dry pad)

$4,500.00 per day

Arena – twin surface

(ice or dry pad)

$7,800.00 per day

Aquatics – Flatwater

(lane pool)

$1,400.00 per day

Aquatics – Leisure centre

(wave pool)

$3,500.00 per day

  • For most other facilities, fees and security deposits will be negotiated with the location manager and the Film Friendly and Facilities teams' representatives.
  • If access to buildings or grounds is granted, all associated costs including service staff and City security will be charged to the production company.
  • We’d like to note that fees associated with facility rentals are for cost recovery only and are not a way to generate revenue for The City.