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Streets, sidewalks and parking

Lead time for requests: minimum five to ten business days lead time

To apply for use of streets, sidewalks or parking, click here to proceed to Step 3 of our application process. (Make sure you don’t miss steps 1 and 2.)

Calgary is home to an extensive, well-maintained mobility network for all who walk, wheel, drive or ride. Permits are needed to restrict parking or film on infrastructure including Calgary streets, sidewalks, alleys, vehicle overpasses or cycle tracks.

Going hand in hand with the mobility network is Calgary Parking, offering more than 2.5 million square feet of indoor and outdoor space, including 30 surface lots and seven parkades featuring a diverse mix of artistic and architectural styles.

Our Film Friendly team will help coordinate any street closures and provide logistical support including parking lot permits, parking codes and reserved areas in parking facilities.

* Please note that 10 days’ notice is needed for City-owned parkades and surface lots. All other services on this page including street and sidewalk closures require five days’ lead time. 

Things to consider when requesting street closures

  • Major streets cannot be closed during high-volume traffic periods. 
  • Streets in the downtown core (Bow River to 12th Ave. South and 6th St. East to 11th St. West) cannot be closed during the normal business day. We can consider exceptions based on factors such as whether alternate routes can be used, access remains open to adjacent businesses or residential areas, and whether public transit is unimpeded.  
  • Lane closures will be considered if the impact on the public is within reason and congestion can be mitigated.
  • Calgary Police Service officers may be required to conduct traffic control duties for any on-street filming that will affect or interfere with traffic. CPS will decide if police assistance is needed before we issue permits. The applicant must cover costs associated with the hiring of duty officers. * Note that a minimum of two weeks' notice is needed for Calgary Police services.

Road closures enabled The Last of Us to film throughout the city. Photo credit: Mohammad Qazzaz

Once your permit has been received

  • A copy of the permit must be on location at all times.
  • To avoid a parking ticket or possible towing, make sure that production vehicles display a valid parking permit in a road-facing window of each parked vehicle.
  • Crew vehicles must not block fire hydrants, driveways, or bus zones – or park within five metres of any other designated areas.
  • If it’s necessary to tow a vehicle that is parked in a signed area, the location manager should call Calgary Parking at 403-537-7000 - option 3. (Please don’t call a towing company to move a vehicle; this is Calgary Parking's role).
  • The production company should place ‘notice of filming’ sign(s) on the sidewalk in the area to let people know that filming is taking place.
  • At least 48 hours in advance of the start of your permit, an information letter must be delivered to residents and businesses that will be affected by closure or use of a street, alley or sidewalk, including road detours. A template of a Dear Neighbour Letter is available here for the production to fill out. Please allow our Film Friendly team to review the letter before distribution.
  • Because streets and sidewalks are vital parts of Calgary’s service to the public, permit conditions must be strictly observed or the permit may be revoked and work suspended for the rest of the project.  
Major roadway with pedestrian bridge

Fees relating to streets, sidewalks and parking

All fees are subject to change and 5% Goods and Services Tax (GST) 

Service Fees
Use of street or sidewalk $28.50 per day

Parking rates vary based on production requirements

If a street is temporarily closed and parking is restricted

Fees start at $27.00 per day

If production vehicles need to park or if production is taking place on-street, in parkades or at surface lots

Parking rates vary based on area. Please contact the Film Friendly Team for costs.

Traffic control planning and coordination

$143.35 and up

Productions may choose to rent and manage their own ‘no parking at any time’ (NPAT) signage. You may also ask us to produce and provide NPAT signage for the production at a cost of $345.00 and up.

Large detours $585.00 and up

Police (for traffic control)

All fees are subject to change and 5% Goods and Services Tax (GST) 

  • A minimum three-hour charge per officer/vehicle applies.  
  • A three-hour charge per officer will apply if less than 24 hours’ cancellation notice is given.
  • Please allow a minimum of 3 weeks for review and processing.
  • The City will determine which Police personnel are required to be involved in filming based on production needs. Fees vary as follows:
Position Fee
Constable $151.58 per hour
Sergeant $177.29 per hour
Staff Sergeant $192.67 per hour
Marked vehicle

$30.00 per hour

Maximum $360.00 per vehicle per day