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Assessment Search for Business is an online service offered to business owners, who are subject to business assessment, to securely and conveniently access business assessment information online.

Who is able to use Assessment Search to access business information?

Business assessment information is available through a secure login to business owners and their authorized agents.

Only business customers, subject to business assessment will receive an access code to enter into the site.

Should a business owner authorize an agent to represent their business and the authorized agent does not have access to Business Search, the authorized agent can request a business identifier and access code to use the system on the business customer’s behalf.

Why has The City decided to put business assessment information online?

Providing business assessment information online makes it convenient for business owners to access necessary information to help them determine the fairness and equity of their business assessment.

What kind of business assessment information is available to business owners through Assessment Search - Business?

Through Assessment Search, business owners can access their Business Assessment Detail Report which provides business-specific assessment information on their premises.

This report can only be viewed by the owner or agent, as well as, up to 50 Business Assessment Summary Reports on other premises.

Business administrators can also associate multiple business premises to a primary account for ease of reference and authorize an agent to work on their behalf through the online service.

After submitting my business email, how long will it take before I can complete the business administrator myID registration process?

It will take approximately two business days for our systems to be updated with the information you have provided.

At that time, you should be able to proceed to step two which is to register for your myID User ID and password.

Can I sign up for a business administrator myID UserID and password even if I don’t own a business in Calgary?

In order for a customer to register for a business administrator myID and password, they must have a valid business email on file with The City.

As part of the email submission process, the customer will need to also provide:

My business has many employees. How should we go about registering for a myID account?

Only those individuals from your business who will need to interact with City online services on behalf of your business will need a myID account.

myID offers two kinds of accounts for businesses:

  1. business administrator account
  2. business user account

Business administrator should be businesses' primary contact person (e.g. owner, manager or someone designated by owner/manager).

Business administrators can assign business user accounts to individuals at their business who they would like to give access to use The City’s online services on behalf of the business.

Business administrator can create/close business user accounts as employees join/leave the business. Multiple business administrator and/or business user accounts can be created per business.

I am already registered with myID as a business administrator. To access my property assessment information do I need to register for a personal myID username and password?

If a customer already has a business administrator myID account, they can link their property assessment information to this account.

Please note, business assessment cannot be linked to a myID personal account.

Can a business administrator close his/her own account?

This is permitted when either:

  • There is no other business user account active with myID from your business.
  • There is at least one more business administrator account active with myID from your business.

A business user account cannot exist by itself. If yours is the only business administrator account from your business and there is at least one business user account active with myID, this business administrator account cannot be closed.

Can a business user close his/her own account?

No. Only a business administrator can close a business user account.

Can one type of myID account be converted into another type?

Only business related accounts (business administrator and business user) can be converted from one type to another when other required conditions are met.

What is a business identifier?

A business identifier is a unique number associated with your business. It can be found on the front of your Business Assessment Notice, business license or on other correspondence you receive from The City.

How will new businesses who weren't included in the Annual Assessment Notice mailing receive their access code letter?

Access code letters for new businesses that were not included in the early January Assessment Notice mailing will receive their Business Search access code letter on the front of their Supplementary Assessment Notice when it is mailed.

If I own multiple properties will I have to set up an account for each one?

Once property owners have set up their myID account and signed in to Assessment Search, they can link multiple properties to their account through the My Assessment – Property Account list (under the Account Management option).

Each property will have its own unique Property Roll Number and access code which will be provided on the front of each property’s Assessment Notice.

If there are multiple owners for a given property, who will get the Assessment Notice with access code? If multiple, will it be different codes for each?

The Assessment Notice will be mailed to the address we have on file for the property or business.

If there are multiple owners, they will be listed on the Notice but we do not mail more than one Notice if the owners live at different addresses - whatever address is on file is where the Notice will be sent.

Each myID account can have unlimited properties/businesses linked but each property/business can be linked a maximum of five times (however, a user cannot associate the same property/business more then once).

So if there is more than one owner for the property (for example) and they each want to set up a myID account and link the property to that myID using the roll number and access code provided, they can do that.

In terms of the 50 Summary Report Views maximum, if both owners use separate myID User IDs and associate the same account separately they will each have 50 report views.​

Do I need to link my property or business with my myID account each year?

No. Once you have linked your Property Roll Number to your myID account you do not need to repeat this step again, unless there is a change of ownership in which case your link would be dissolved (and you would receive a new access code and Property Roll Number for the new property you purchased, if in Calgary).

Your Assessment Summary Report Views will automatically be reset so you will receive 50 views each year.​​​​

Assessment Search is our online resource for property and business owners to access more detailed information about their assessment and property details.

We do regular research with businesses to better understand the outlook and viewpoint of the business community. If you are a business owner, leader or manager, join our online business research panel, Business Perspectives.