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We’re working with City Supply Management to procure and award contracts for the delivery of Stage 1 of the Green Line. The larger procurements for the LRVs and the main construction for Phase 1 and Phase 2 of Green Line are each procured separately, following standard procurement steps:

  1. Request for Qualifications (RFQ) – Precedes the RFP and is intended to identify prequalified parties that are eligible to participate in RFP. For Phase 1 and 2 main construction, groups of companies may apply together in one application to meet all the RFP requirements.
  2. Request for Proposals (RFP) – The shortlist of prequalified vendors from the RFQ phase may respond to the RFP.

Due to the complex nature of the Green Line project, submissions and evaluations of responses will take considerably longer than for smaller contracts. Learn more about bid and vendor information, including how to become a vendor.

Bid opportunities
Bid opportunities are advertised through Merx Calgary and Alberta Purchasing Connection through a fair and equitable process. Bid opportunities following the completion of the RFQ are by invitation only.

Partnering with prequalified parties
Prequalified vendors must seek their own partners as part of their bid. Companies or service providers wishing to partner with companies as part of an RFP or RFQ submission should contact companies making submissions directly. We will not match vendors or share contact information. Vendors that are awarded contracts will be listed on this page.

Main construction procurement

Main construction involves designing and building the alignment and financing a portion the new Green Line infrastructure (e.g. track, stations).

Work includes:

As approved by City Council in June 2020, Green Line is following a Design-Build-Finance (DBF) model for the main construction. The Private Sector Vendor (Project Co.) is responsible for the design, construction and partial financing of the asset and managing the risks allocated to them. This means the successful project company (Project Co.) will provide final designs based on the Green Line project requirements identified through the process of functional planning. Functional planning is done in advance of the RFQ to understand the unique engineering requirements. As Project Co. works through the engineering requirements, the final design may look somewhat different from the design identified during functional planning.


On June 2, 2021 the Green Line Board announced the conclusion of the provincial review of the Green Line project. Main construction procurement is moving forward under a new phased procurement strategy with the support of the funding partners. Preparations are underway for Phase 1 RFQ and RFP processes.

For more information view the news release from June 2, 2021: Green Line Board advances LRT project through redefined procurement strategy.

Low floor LRV procurement

The Green Line will need a fleet of new low floor light rail vehicles (LRVs).

Work includes:

Procuring an LRV supplier to design, test, supply, deliver and commission low floor LRVs and support services for the Green Line.


LRV procurement is underway. The RFQ was released in February 2019 and closed in May 2019. The contract is expected to be awarded in late 2021 and more details will be shared at that time.

Enabling and advanced works procurement

Enabling and advanced works projects prepare for main LRT construction. They are procured outside of main construction contracts for Stage 1. Advanced works typically require long lead times and ample resources. Completing them in advance helps make main construction more efficient. Green Line's enabling and advanced works projects are focused on two key areas:

Southeast Enabling Works Program

Since 2017, a wide variety of enabling works projects have been underway as part of a larger program of work.

Work includes:

  • Relocate City and third-party utilities (electrical, telecom, etc.) that would conflict with main construction
  • Prepare the land and mitigate environmental issues
  • Road works and improvements
  • A tunnel and rerouting track under the CN tracks to make way for the alignment to the future Highfield station


  • Most of the projects are nearing completion for the current scope of work. Schedule analysis is underway for potential opportunities to progress further critical work.

Beltline and Downtown Utility Relocation Project

This utility relocation project started in May 2021. PCL was awarded a contract through a competitive process as the construction management contractor. The overall project involves locating utilities that will conflict with the main construction and removing and relocating them to nearby streets and alleys.

Work includes:

  • Complete the project plan and schedule for relocating City sanitary, water and storm water utilities
  • Relocate City sanitary, storm water and water utilities
  • Plan, schedule and coordinate third party utilities (telecom, cable, fibre optic, electricity, gas, etc.) that will be relocated by third-party utility owners


  • Preconstruction planning started in spring 2021
  • Initial construction starts in fall 2021
  • Construction with the highest impact to residents and businesses will likely be in spring 2022