No Average Calgarian

Calgary's recovery

We are Downtown

There is no other neighbourhood like Downtown Calgary. 35,000 people live in the Greater Downtown area, and together, create a unique and diverse community.

It's time to rethink what downtown means, as we recover from the effects of the pandemic. The City is here to help, with programs and services for people living in the Greater Downtown, and all Calgarians.

These are a few of the many citizens contributing to the overall health and prosperity of the downtown community and committed to helping our entire city thrive.  Watch the video to find out more about what recovery means to them.

No Average Calgarian

There is no such thing as an average citizen. Everyone in Calgary is unique with their own perspective and stories to tell. We hope that you’re inspired by these not-so-average Calgarians. 

"The more we share stories with other people, the stronger we are as a community. We are working to share more stories as a city, connecting with citizens through more than just facts and information.” ~ City Manager David Duckworth

Check out our first No Average Calgarian video, which spotlights the Bhargava family and how they are doing their part to tackle climate change. Stay tuned to this website for more stories about topics that are important to Calgarians, and how The City is supporting Calgarians by making life better every day.

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