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Climate Change

"This home uses 70 per cent less energy compared to an average Alberta home. If everybody looked at incorporating some of these items, imagine how much energy savings could be for the entire city.”
~ Amit Bhargava

Actions you can take for climate change

Climate change is a complex challenge that can seem overwhelming. The solutions don’t have to be. 

Five simple actions you can start with to help limit global climate change

Adjust window coverings

Use window coverings to regulate the temperature in your home. In the summer, close window coverings to help keep your home cool. In the winter, open your south-facing window coverings to help keep your home warm.

Program your thermostat

Reducing heat by 1°C (2°F) over an eight-hour period can save about two per cent on your heating energy consumption.

Wash clothes in cold water

Washing with cold water can keep colours bright, reduces wrinkles, and saves energy. Save even more energy by waiting for a full load before running your washing machine, and using the shortest wash cycle.

Do not idle vehicle

Idling releases greenhouse gases into the air unnecessarily, reduces air quality, has negative health consequences and wastes fuel.

Idling in the winter has no benefit to modern vehicles. Auto mechanics recommend reducing the time to warm your vehicle to 30 to 60 seconds, just enough time to defrost the windows. Vehicles warm up faster and more efficiently while driving.

Change to LED lightbulbs

LED light bulbs use 70 to 90 per cent less energy than a standard bulb. Turn lights off in rooms that are unoccupied to save more energy.

Learn about the other more than 40 actions you can take to help limit global climate change. 

Climate actions the Bhargava family have incorporated into their home:

  • Triple pane windows
  • Basement slab heating
  • Solar panels mounted on roof
  • Combi furnace
  • Electric vehicle

Calgary's Climate Change Program

Responding to climate change is a strategic priority for The City of Calgary. Calgary City Council declared a Climate Emergency in November 2021, directing the pace and scale of action to be accelerated. Consistent polling data tells us the majority of Calgarians are concerned about climate change and support action to address climate change now.

More on our climate change program

Actions The City is taking to limit global climate change

Launch a commercial building energy benchmarking program to improve building energy efficiency

Implement strategies to support active modes of transportation (including Step Forward, the Cycling Strategy and Complete Streets)

Support the adoption of electric vehicles and alternative fuels that minimize emissions

Evaluate Calgary’s exposure to climate hazards to enable better planning and preparedness

Continue and expand naturalization programs for City Parks and green space

Continue to work with other levels of government on upstream storage to manage both river flood and drought risks exacerbated by climate change

Integrate climate resilience criteria within capital budget processes and funding allocation decisions

Learn more on the actions The City is taking to help limit global climate change and prepare for a changing climate

Other climate change initiatives

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