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Drew has always battled with depression and anxiety. Sensing the warning signs, his fiancé knew he needed support before he hit rock bottom and lost everything.

“My depression was getting so bad I couldn’t even function anymore and my fiancé just thought maybe it’d be a good idea if we come here to get my head straight,” Drew explains.

Drew and his fiancé found their way to The Mustard Seed, relieved to find a welcoming place that accommodated them both, provided meals, and most importantly for Drew - mental health support.

“The Mustard Seed has definitely kept me on track with my mental health as far as anxiety and depression goes. They’ve got counselling, so I try to see a counsellor as much as possible here,” Drew says.

Then something unexpected happened, the COVID-19 pandemic had taken over the nation. The warm meals and the safe place to lay his down at night had become even more invaluable to Drew.

“To come to The Mustard Seed and not worry about where my next meal is coming from, because I know there’s nourishment here to keep me healthy. It keeps me going,” Drew says. “This is one less stress in my life, on top of all of this – the virus and day-to-day.”

With support from donors like you, not only were meals and shelter able to continue to be provided, but vital programming and services were able to run during the pandemic. Drew was able to access essential services in a time of great need, enabling him to continue working on his mental health and ensure his basic needs were met.

Drew worried about not just his mental health, but of others as well as the pandemic striked fear into many of the vulnerable community. However, he knows The Mustard Seed is the best place for him during this difficult time.

“I think everyone should know The Mustard Seed is a good place to go to. It’s there when it’s needed. They’re always there. It’s so accommodating and there are resources for anything you need,” Drew says gratefully. “Anybody can be successful – that’s what this place is here for. I’ve seen a lot of people conquer and do well.”

Thanks to the compassionate and benevolent assistance from donors, Drew and his fiancé were taken care of during an uncertain time. With your help, hope lived here.​​

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