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Thanks to the support of Conoco Phillips, The City of Calgary launched its first Fire Safety Trailer and education program in April 2016. The trailer and program provide Calgary students with a mobile classroom where they can learn and practice how to safely respond to common home emergencies.

​​What do students learn?

The Fire Safety Trailer and education program allows Calgary students to listen and learn from a Community Safety Officer in both a bedroom and kitchen area. Students can then practice the important home emergency skills they just learned.


Kitchen fire safety lessons

Some of the kitchen fire safety lessons students will learn include:

  • Turning pot and pan handles in, to reduce the risk of hot food spilling on someone.
  • When you see sparks coming from a microwave to unplug it.
  • If you see smoke or fire coming a toaster or kitchen appliance, unplug it.
  • Keep tea towels, curtains and other items that can easily catch fire away from appliances that heat up.
  • If you see smoke or fire coming from an oven, don't open it. Opening the oven could spread the fire.

Bedroom fire safety lessons

Some of the bedroom fire safety lessons students will learn include:

  • Keep bedroom doors closed while you sleep to help prevent the spread of fire and smoke.
  • Make sure you can hear the smoke alarm when your bedroom door is closed.
  • Check that electrical outlets are not overloaded with too many cords plugged in.
  • If you hear the smoke alarm, check if your bedroom door is hot before you open it. If the door is hot, then escape out the window.
  • Make sure to have an escape ladder if your bedroom is on the second floor of your home.

Program information

This program is currently designed for grade 5 students. Community Safety Officers will be contacting Calgary elementary schools to schedule visits with the trailer throughout the school year.

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Thank you to ConocoPhillips for supporting this program.

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