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Cultural landscapes are developed over time and help us understand our past, present and future. They are strongly influenced by the actions of people throughout history. You are a part of our current cultural landscape. All places are filled with a story of history. Learning how cultural diversity connects to Calgary’s parks helps us understand how our parks have changed over time.​

What is a legacy?

A legacy is a contribution handed down from one generation to the next that survives through time and space.

What is a landscape?

A natural landscape is unaffected by human activity, therefore a landscape is altering the existing design to be more functional or aesthetic.

What is cultural diversity?


Cultural diversity refers to differences among people: racial or ethnic backgrounds, language, dress, and traditions.

When you look out your window, what do you see?

Calgary has prairies, forests, mountains, and wetland. You will also see communities, sidewalks, roads, and buildings.

All of those things make up our landscapes. Landscapes such as forests and grasslands are home to many animals. Some landscapes are shaped by humans to make fun places to enjoy. What does our Calgary landscape say about what people like to do in their leisure time? These questions help to answer why our landscapes change over time.

Parks as cultural landscapes

Did you know parks are landscapes too? Think about these questions as you explore our parks:

  • What do you think makes something a park?
  • Do you have a favourite park in Calgary?
  • What do you do when visiting your favourite park?
  • Are there other Calgary parks you want to explore?