Inglewood Preschool Program

Help your child learn to be a friend of nature through a variety of outdoor and indoor activities that emphasize social, physical, creative, intellectual and emotional development and awareness with the guidance of qualified and experienced instructors. 

Nature-based learning

Inglewood Bird Sanctuary is the perfect location for a nature-based preschool, complete with a learning centre, interpretive exhibits and a nature preserve filled with flora and fauna.

Play-based learning in a natural setting provides more holistic brain development with a strong sense of self. Understanding our place in the natural world increases motivation and confidence.

A day in our program at Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

A typical day in our preschool program includes free play, circle time, art/science time, physical activity time and snack time.

Free play time

Our tabletop play centres and other materials help your child explore their imagination, learn cooperation, and practice shapes, sizes, colors, numbers, language and motor skills

Circle/group time

Children learn how to follow directions, work independently or in groups, gather information, connect stories to pictures and other valuable pre-reading skills.

Art/science time

This tactile learning experience — whether it's on a nature hike spotting birds or creating a rock structure, collecting nature materials and creating a painting with feathers — allows children to expand their creativity, improve their hand-eye coordination and exercise their fine motor skills.

Physical activity time

Preschoolers will develop the fundamental movement skills that all children need, such as running, hopping, throwing, catching and jumping while exploring nature. Spending time outdoors exploring increases their curiosity and connection to nature while participating in physical activity.

Snack time

Our nut-free snack time promotes healthy eating by encouraging parents to send a small nutritious food item and water bottle with their preschooler each day.


Children must be at least three years of age prior to December 31, 2023 and must be toilet trained in order to enroll. These are not parented programs.

Download the Parent Handbook  (for 2023-2024) from our Forms & Waivers page.

Register for preschool


Our 2023 program runs from Sept. 2023 – June 2024. 

Registration begins January 31, 2023, and ongoing until April 2024.

Registration must be done in-person at the customer service desk of these locations:

Program fees and schedule


Days/Times Location Full Year Fee Monthly Payments Course ID

Tue. & Thu.

9 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Pickering Room

$ 1,472.00

$ 147.20 (x 10 months)


Mon., Wed., Fri.

1 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. 

Pickering Room

$ 2,042.50

$ 204.25 (x 10 months)


Fees are based on the number of classes. Those registering for a partial year will be charged a pro-rated fee based on the remaining number of classes.

Payment options

Payment can be made as a lump sum or monthly. Payment can be made using cash, cheque or credit card. Monthly payments require a credit card on file and a one-month deposit upon registration. 

Safety and supervision

The safety of our preschoolers is our top priority. Staff supervision and instruction are provided in all programs. 

Our staff are selected based on experience, leadership skills and their ability to relate to children. Staff are Standard First Aid and CPR certified and are trained in the High Five Principles of Healthy Child Development.

Children with disabilities are welcome

Our programs welcome children with disabilities. Please make us aware of any disabilities or behavioural needs during registration. It's the parent's responsibility to find an aid for children with disabilities. 

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