Alert | Mandatory outdoor water restrictions in effect - critical water main break affecting city-wide usage

City-wide indoor and outdoor water restrictions are in place. A fire ban is in effect. The boil water advisory has been lifted.

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If you’re interested in receiving Fee Assistance for recreation, check the Recreation Fee Assistance box on your Fair Entry application. For more details about Fair Entry and how to apply, visit the Fair Entry page. If approved, you can receive discounts on rates for all ages for recreation programs and amenities across the city (as long as your Fair Entry status is valid). You do not need a Fee Assistance card to purchase a Low Income Transit Pass.

How to get a Fee Assistance card

Bring your Fair Entry acceptance letter and picture ID to any open City pool and fitness facility. Cards will only be issued to the card holder - a friend or family member can't pick up a card on your behalf as we need to take your picture for the card.

Expiry date

  • Your Fee Assistance expires one year from the day after your approval. The expiry date will be noted on your card.
  • If you are on AISH, your Fee Assistance expires when your AISH benefits expire, the year you turn 65 years of age or if you move out of Calgary (whichever happens first).


  • Renewal can be done through Fair Entry up to one month before your Fair Entry expiry date.
  • If you are on AISH, you don’t need to re-apply.

Lose or forget your card?

  • There is a $2.50 administration fee to reprint your first lost card. After that, it will cost $10 to reprint your card.

Learn about Fee Assistance for group admissions.
Learn about admission/registration for Support Workers/Aids.

Where can I use Fee Assistance?

City registered programs

Almost all registered programs we offer are eligible under the Fee Assistance program (some restrictions may apply). Registrations can be completed in person at a recreation facility or online. Browse programs.

Children and youth (17 years of age and under)

  • Save 90% of the registration fee to a maximum of $100 per program. E.g. If a program costs $39.50, you pay $3.95. On a day camp that costs $168, you pay $68.
  • Up to four programs to a maximum of $250 (whichever comes first) during a 12 month period. You must pay for any charges over and above the $250 subsidy.

Adults (18 years of age and over)

  • Save 90% of the registration fee to a maximum of $50. E.g. If a class costs $41.15, you pay $4.11.
  • One program during a 12 month period. You must pay for any charges over and above the $50 subsidy.


  • Fee assistance can be applied to Pre Post care.
  • JumpStart individual funding for registered programs is no longer being accepted.
  • Unused subsidy cannot be carried over or transferred.
  • If you withdraw from a program after the start date, you will lose both the course cost you paid and the subsidy amount. If you withdraw from a program before the start date, you will only lose the course cost you paid.

City Aquatic & Fitness Facilities/Leisure Centres

Save 75% on general admission drop-in rates, 10x punch cards and 1-month or 12-month term passes (the 1-month continuous pass is not eligible for Fee Assistance). Show your Fee Assistance card when you purchase these products. Browse Recreation facilities.

10x punch cards

  • You may not hold more than one 10x punch card at a time (a new 10x punch card cannot be purchased until all 10 punches from a previous card are used)
  • You cannot purchase a 10x punch card less than 10 days before your Fee Assistance expiry
  • Punch cards are only valid for the designated facility/activity type
    • Aquatic & Fitness Centre (AFC)
    • Leisure Centre (LC) – top-up fees not applicable
    • Skating and Shinny
  • Punch cards can only be used by the cardholder; cannot be used for other individuals
  • Punch cards expire 2 years from the date of purchase

1-month and 12-month term passes (Recreation Pass and Recreation Pass Plus)

  • 1-month term pass ‘renewals’ may only be purchased 29 days in advance of the next month.
  • 1-month term pass must be purchased within one month of Fee Assistance expiry. Your pass can’t expire more than one month after your Fee Assistance expires.
  • 12-month term passes must be purchased within the first month of subsidy allotment/renewal. Your pass can’t expire more than one month after your Fee Assistance expires.
  • Recreation Pass is valid for all Aquatic & Fitness Centre (AFC) admissions and drop-in opportunities at applicable Arenas (e.g. public skate, shinny). Fee Assistance discount is applicable on top-up fees for admission to Leisure Centres.
  • Recreation Pass Plus is valid for both Leisure Centres, all AFC admissions and drop-in opportunities at applicable Arenas (e.g. public skate, shinny).
  • Passes can only be used by the passholder; cannot be used for other individuals.


  • All term passes must be paid in full (after Fee Assistance discount) at time of purchase.
  • Fee Assistance does not apply to:
    • Shower
    • Pre/post care
    • Continuous monthly passes
    • Other deals or promotions

City golf courses

Customers with a valid Recreation Fee Assistance Card can visit any clubhouse to request a Fee Assistance Smart Card.

  • The valid Recreation Fee Assistance Card, and valid picture ID must be presented at every check in to receive Fee Assistance rates.  

A Fee Assistance Smart Card is a virtual card placing 10 scans on the customer’s account in our Golf system. No physical card is provided to the customer.

An account/profile must be created prior to a Fee Assistance for Golf Card being issued - How to Book and Cancel a Tee Time


  • A maximum of one Fee Assistance Smart Card is issued per person per golf season.
  • A Fee Assistance Smart Card is:
    • For individual use only
    • Valid for up to 10 rounds of golf when a valid Recreation Fee Assistance Card is presented at check-in.  Valid picture ID is also required.
    • A round = one scan off the Smart Card.
    • A round can be 9/Twilight 9 or 18-holes/Twilight 18.
  • Rain checks are not available on discounted Fee Assistance green fees paid.

Time Restrictions: Fee Assistance rates are available after 2 PM daily.

  • 18-hole/Twilight 18 play is available at McCall Lake 18, Maple Ridge, and Shaganappi Point 18.
    • Twilight 18 play is available after the last 18-hole tee times. Golfers are not guaranteed to complete a full round. 18-hole Fee Assistance rates are charged during Twilight 18 tee times.
  • 9-hole play is available at McCall Lake Par 3, Lakeview, Shaganappi Valley 9, Confederation Park, and at the 18-hole courses after the last Twilight 18 tee time.
    • Twilight 9 play is available after the last 9-hole tee times. Golfers are not guaranteed to complete a full round. 9-hole Fee Assistance rates are charged during Twilight 9 tee times.
  • Golfers will be charged full applicable green fee rates if booked into any tee time before 2 PM (1:59 PM and earlier).

Fee Assistance Rates

Fee Assistance rates are 65% off the applicable Regular Weekend 18 green fee (for 18-hole and Twilight 18), or the applicable Regular Weekend 9-hole green fee (for 9-hole and Twilight 9).

  • Green fee rates vary by course and may change without notice.
  • Fee Assistance rates cannot be combined with any other offer and will not be further discounted in the event reduced green fee rates are in effect (i.e., maintenance green rates, promotions, etc.…).
Fee Assistance green fees
Confederation Park (9 Holes) Lakeview (9 Holes) Maple Ridge (18 Holes) McCall Lake (18 Holes) McCall Lake (Par 3) Shaganappi Point (18 Holes) Valley 9 (Shaganappi Point)
Anytime 18 (After 2 PM) N/A   N/A  $19.50  $18.00 N/A  $20.50 N/A
Anytime 9 (After 2 PM)  $13.25  $8.75  $13.25  $13.25  $6.00  $13.25  $11.25

Review full golf course information at

The level of difficulty varies between golf course facilities. The City of Calgary offers golf courses suited to those new to the game, and for those looking for a more challenging experience. Review New to Golf for guidelines, policies, etc.

Golf Administration is the final authority on all conditions of use and associated interpretations.

Management reserves the right to revoke or suspend playing privileges for reasons including (but not limited to) failure to comply with facility rules and regulations, policies, standards of behaviour or conditions of use.

Partner facilities

Partner facilities may set their own Fee Assistance rates. Partners and rates may change without notice.

If you already have a Fee Assistance card, you can show it at the following partner facilities when you pay for admission. 

If you are interested in becoming a partner, please contact us at


  • Your Recreation subsidy will not be impacted if you visit a partner facility.