Sport for life

Building towards Calgary as a sports city.

The Sport for Life Policy was developed with the sport community and approved by City Council in 2018 to create sport opportunities for all Calgarians.

The policy focuses on working with partners to provide Calgarians access to participate in sports.

The vision

We want to build towards a city where all Calgarians have access to opportunities and places to be active and enjoy the benefits of participating in sports throughout their life.

How sports benefit Calgarians

  • Keeps people active and healthy

  • Develops life skills

  • Creates ways to compete & achieve

  • Drives positive social change

  • Helps build a thriving economy

  • Connects & strengthens communities

Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does.

Nelson Mandela

Why are we involved?

We have an important role in driving the local sports community to have positive impacts on citizens. We want to ensure that sport plays its part in a thriving and resilient Calgary.

Governments have been involved in sport… because they recognize sport as a powerful means of enhancing society’s health and well-being.

Canadian Sport Policy

Sport for Life Policy

Explore our role in Canada’s sport system, how the Sport for Life Policy was developed, how it’s managed, and how it will be implemented.

Sport Calgary

Our strategic partner for delivering on the Sport for Life Policy and the voice of sport in Calgary

Explore Sport Calgary

Sport Hub

One of our flagship initiatives that delivers on our commitment to design and deliver sport programs and initiatives.

Learn about Sport Hub

Community engagement

We hired a consultant to to help us connect with the community and evaluate Calgary's original Civic Sport Policy. This engagement helped us shape the updated Sport for Life Policy.

Find out what we heard

Sport in Calgary - At a glance


Sport programming

For more information on sport programs in Calgary visit:

Safe Sport

Help create a safe and inclusive sport system in Calgary that is free from all forms of maltreatment. Visit Sport Calgary’s Safe Sport Resources and access help lines.