Park features - Haskayne Legacy Park

Pavilion building

The pavilion building was designed to be highly energy efficient and includes The City's first ground source heat pump HVAC system. Much of the electricity required for the building is produced onsite by an adjacent solar photovoltaic system. The pavilion contains programmable space, expansive views of the surrounding grasslands, washrooms and water refill stations. The building is currently closed to the public, however, it may be available to be booked for events, weddings and educational programs in the future. Please check back for booking details.

Pavilion pergola and patio

This sheltered outdoor space connects the main pavilion building to the surrounding landscape. A spacious covered patio features large harvest picnic tables for group events, seating nooks with moveable furniture and a double-sided gas fireplace. All amenities are sheltered under Douglas fir rafters, providing the ideal backdrop for public and private events.

Ecologically sensitive area/native grassland

Between the pathway and riverbanks is ecologically sensitive, native fescue grassland. Only 16% of historical fescue grassland — untilled and in its original state — remains in Alberta, and even less of it is in healthy condition, which is very difficult to re-establish. Stay on the pathways throughout the park to help preserve this unique native grassland and other native species. This section of the natural area park provides homes for wildlife like the Yellow-rumped Warbler and Long-eared Owl, who stop here during migration. 

Seasonal cattle grazing

Seasonal cattle grazing occurs on select sections of Haskayne Legacy Park as part of a partnership with local ranchers and Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park. Visitors can watch from a safe distance as cattle and calves graze during warmer months. Targeted grazing assists with weed control and improves plant diversity within the park. 

Other features

  • Regional paved pathway
  • Granular nature trails and rest areas
  • Harvest-style picnic tables
  • Parking lot (gravel)
  • Washrooms
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