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Mosquitoes in Calgary

Mosquitoes are a seasonal insect in Calgary, whose numbers are generally low in spring and peak in mid-summer. In Calgary, the majority of mosquitoes breed in temporary pools, which dry up several times per year (ex. snowmelt pools, ditches, irrigation pools, puddles, etc…). Some species also breed in containers (bird baths, rain barrels, etc…) or large semi-permanent or permanent pools (large ponds, lakes, water management ponds, etc…). These species make up a small proportion of all mosquitoes found in Calgary throughout the spring and summer.

Mosquitoes can be a nuisance, but they also play a valuable role in our ecosystem. Mosquitoes support biodiversity in Calgary by acting as a food source for other insects and animals.

The City’s role

mosquito life cycle

We trap mosquitoes to estimate numbers and plan treatment. Historical and seasonal data is used to plan the best timing of control methods. When populations are high enough, we do an aerial application of a product that specifically controls mosquito larvae. This typically happens in mid to late spring which targets the first populations of larvae. Monitoring starts in early spring, and we monitor and apply further treatments as necessary. 

For mosquito control, we use a bacterial product, that’s only activated when eaten by a mosquito. This product is registered and regulated by the Federal Pest Management Regulatory Agency.

How do I reduce mosquitoes in my yard?

  • Remove any shallow standing water on your property, regularly drain any containers which collect rainwater like bird baths, empty flowerpots, rain barrels and eaves troughs.
  • Keep lawns shorter and shrub beds tidy as mosquitoes use these areas as places to hide during hot weather.
  • Mosquitoes are most active at dusk and dawn, so try to limit your outdoor activities during these times.

Tips on how & why to avoid mosquito bites