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Pigeons are a troublesome bird that are common not only in Calgary, but cities around the world. They produce an easily identified cooing sound. Since pigeons are not a migratory species, they cause year round conflict with humans when they breed and roost in groups around urban dwellings. Calgarians must often contend with high levels of noise and unwanted accumulation of feces. Due to strong instincts to nest in close proximity to their site of birth, pigeons can be very difficult to remove, especially if the basic necessities of food and shelter are being met.

Preventing pigeons

Here are some steps you can take to keep pigeons away:

  • Remove potential roosting areas by sealing elevated openings and entrances. Install appropriate-sized bird netting to take away access to ledges and balconies.
  • To prevent perching, apply gel to ledges using a caulking gun. The gel makes the surface unpleasant and unstable under the bird's feet.
  • Install posts and wire on window ledges and ridges to prevent pigeons from gaining a foot hold.
  • Eliminate all outdoor sources of food and water.
  • Make sure garbage is stored in containers or bins.
  • Trap with the aid of baits.
  • Destroy nests and eggs.
  • Employ the use of scaring devices as well as audible, inaudible and sonic devices.

Control products may be purchased at local farm supply stores, hardware stores and garden centres. If extermination is desired, enlist the services of a pest control company.

The problem with pigeons

Pigeons aren’t just annoying – they can cause costly damages as well. Storm gutters can be blocked from the feathers, nesting materials and droppings of pigeons, which may result in structural water damage. Additionally, metal and stone on buildings may become damaged over the long run from the corrosive uric acid component found in pigeon droppings. The accumulation of droppings may pose a safety risk, making ladders and ground cover slippery. There is also a health risk associated with pigeons as they may contaminate food, or transmit fungi, bacteria or ectoparasites in the feces.

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