City-Wide Growth Strategy

Our City-wide growth strategy work focuses on how to enable growth and development and retain investment and jobs in Calgary, while achieving the policy objectives in the Municipal Development Plan/Calgary Transportation Plan (MDP/CTP) and maintaining a balanced market. In 2018, an evaluation process centered on three primary guiding factors was developed to help make a growth recommendations to City Council. All three are important for facilitating a sustainable growth decision making process and include:

  • Municipal Development Plan/Calgary Transportation Plan alignment
  • Market forces
  • Financial impacts

This process provides the necessary information and analysis required to set an investment program that will support future development. A city-wide growth strategy also provides a clear process to determine when and where the city should grow, allowing greater certainty for private investment decisions.

The city-wide growth strategy consists of three components, the Established Area Growth and Change Strategy​, Industrial Growth Strategy and New Community Growth Strategy. These three components were first identified through the Industry City Work Plan that arose as part of the 2016 Off-site Levy Byl​aw. More information on these strategies are provided below, along with links to the last four annual update reports.

The focus of City-Wide Growth Strategy work in 2020 is:

  • Bring forward Phase 1 recommendations for the Established Area Growth and Change Strategy, and continuation of work in Phase 2.
  • Prepare a scoping report for the Industrial Growth Strategy (Industrial Strategy).
  • Prepare New Community Growth Strategy business case recommendations and potential future policy and financial improvements.

Focusing on these objectives helps strengthen investment and business opportunities within the city while maintaining a strong commitment to the main factors used in growth decision making.

Established Area Growth and Change Strategy

Since 2016, The City has been working to reduce barriers to redevelopment by addressing the costs of redevelopment, utility infrastructure capacity, financial tools, policy alignment and application processes. A scoping report to formally initiate the Established Areas Growth and Change Strategy​ was approved by Council in 2018 September, an update report was delivered in May 2019, and the Phase 1 report with recommendations was delivered to Priorities and Finance Committee on April 29, 2020. A link to the reports are included below. This strategy is meant to support growth and change in existing communities in Calgary. Through this strategy, The City can better coordinate public investment while supporting existing communities through their lifecycle growth and change, linking existing policy and current policy efforts and support developers in helping build the city that is envisioned in the MDP/CTP.

​Key dates ​Stage
Key dates: ​2020 April/May Stage: ​Report to Committee​/Council: Recommend strategic actions for the Established Area​ that meaningfully supports community growth, change, and quality of life.

Lesley Kalmakoff​
Senior Growth Management Planner

Industrial Areas

The Industrial Areas Strategy will form part of the comprehensive city wide growth strategy and will also link with city-wide policy planning, the Off-Site Levy Bylaw Review, funding and financing tools that arise as part of the Established Area Growth and Change Strategy (EAGCS) work program, and New Community Growth Strategy and other city-wide initiatives. 

The focus of work in Q1 2021 will be to deliver a scoping report, provide an update on industrial land supply and development activities, and link to other corporate priorities benefitting or impacting the Industrial sector.

Abdul Jaffari
Senior Growth Management Planner​

New Community Growth Strategy 2020

Our newest communities need to be successful now and decades from now. That success relies on developers and The City working together to realize the vision of the Municipal Development Plan. The New Community Growth Strategy supports strategic growth in new communities by aligning planning policy, market demand, servicing needs and City budgets.


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