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Transit Oriented Development (TOD)

​What is Transit Oriented Development?

Transit oriented development (TOD) is a walkable, mixed-use form of area development typically focused within a 600m radius of a primary transit station – a Light Rail Transit (LRT) station or Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) stop. Higher density development is concentrated near the station to make transit convenient for more people and encourage ridership. This form of development uses existing infrastructure, optimizes use of the transit network and creates mobility options for transit riders and the local community. A successful TOD provides a mix of land uses and densities that create a convenient, interesting and vibrant community for local residents and visitors alike.

A TOD is also about enabling sustainable long-term urban growth. Transit oriented developments are all about creating mixed-use communities in key strategic areas around our city and in our established communities to provide Calgarians with more choices of places to live that are less reliant on motor vehicle transportation. For more information on our long-term growth plan, please visit:



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