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State of Downtown Calgary report

The second annual State of Downtown Calgary report highlights where our downtown stands at the end of 2020 – including both its strengths and weaknesses, while looking forward from 2021 towards a decade into Calgary's future.

Our downtown is the economic and cultural heart of Calgary. It is a hub for business, innovation, and creativity. What happens downtown impacts the rest of the city and Calgary needs a strong core to grow and create jobs. Calgary, as a whole, benefits from a strong downtown, as it contributes to its economic success and The City’s revenues, tax base, and ability to provide services to citizens. The downtown is connected to the rest of the city and is not an island – what happens downtown has a direct impact on the rest of the city.

The State of Downtown Calgary report  has been created to highlight our downtown's current status in relation to the four pillars of our Downtown Strategy – place, work, live, and connect. It highlights this past year's successes, challenges, and opportunities that the Downtown Strategy partners are moving forward with in 2021 and beyond.

This past year saw extreme challenges and limitations placed on our downtown, but there was still a lot happening in our downtown and this report provides a snapshot of how our efforts are building the foundation for the next decade of our downtown's future.

State of Downtown Calgary report

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