Calgary's Community Downtown projects

Projects in downtown Calgary will support your community in the near future and for decades to come. Each of the projects in the area has the same objective of building and maintaining a wonderful neighbourhood. Some projects will be planned and constructed in the next two years, others that are in planning now won’t be realized for several years. It’s important that we implement each project to meet current needs and to lay the foundation for expected future demand as Calgary grows and evolves.​


Culture + Entertainment District

The Culture + Entertainment District is envisioned as a vibrant, high-density, mixed-use community that draws on the spirit of entertainment. Its catalyst project include the Event Centre, BMO Centre Expansion and 17 Avenue Extension and Stampede Crossing.

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Event Centre

​A new Event Centre with an NHL-level arena will sit in Calgary’s emerging Cultural and Entertainment District in Victoria Park.​

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BMO Centre Expansion

​The creation of a tier-1 venue when completed in 2024 will support larger conventions and conferences being hosted in Calgary and Southern Alberta.

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Arts Commons Expansion

​A new facility and renewal of the existing building will ensure Arts Commons remains a key contributor to our city’s social, economic, cultural and intellectual life and well-being.​​

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Eau Claire Area Improvements

Investing in the future of Eau Claire

​Investing in the future of Eau Claire, Prince’s Island, Chinatown and the East Village is a fundamental piece of The City’s Downtown Strategy – the effort to support and incentivize private investment, generate visits and spending, and provide amenities and services to enhance the quality of life for people living and working in Calgary’s downtown.

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Tommorow's Chinatown

Chinatown is one of Calgary’s most distinctive cultural communities, with a long history. It is a unique area, important to Calgary and to its residents, visitors and business.

Tomorrow’s Chinatown is a project to create the first cultural plan in coordination with a new local area plan (LAP) through collaboration with the Chinatown community. Working together, these new plans will help support Chinatown’s future as a vibrant, culturally-rich place to live, visit, work, and do business, for generations to come.

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The future of Stephen Avenue

Fresh ideas for Calgary's most iconic street

​Stephen Avenue is one of Calgary’s busiest, most animated, and recognizable streets. The avenue means different things to different people. For some, Stephen Avenue is Calgary’s premiere hospitality and retail destination. For others, it’s a pedestrian friendly environment to take a walk, to people watch, and socialize. We’re working to define the direction of Stephen Avenue/8 Avenue S.W. in the short, medium and long-term.

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Green Line

The Green Line LRT is a city shaping project that will improve mobility in north and southeast Calgary, that connects people and places, and will enhance the quality of life for all Calgarians. The first stage of construction will extend from 16 Avenue N. to 126 Avenue S.E. and is expected to begin construction in 2021 with an opening day in 2027.

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9 Block Program

The area around Calgary’s City Hall — the heart of where decisions about Calgary happen — doesn’t feel safe or vibrant. The City of Calgary has identified an opportunity for collaboration with downtown community partners to pilot quick solutions in the nine blocks that surround City Hall that are aimed improving safety in this important area of the downtown, supporting the neighbourhoods businesses, and finding low-cost, impactful solutions through partnerships.

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The Greater Downtown Plan

When the downtown thrives, so does the rest of the city

The City of Calgary is taking bold action to make Calgary’s downtown even more vibrant. On April 26, 2021, Calgary City Council approved Calgary’s Greater Downtown Plan and an initial investment of $200 million to support the actions outlined in the plan. This strategy document provides direction for place-making in the heart of Calgary over the next decade. Developed through extensive engagement with citizens, the downtown business community, and community associations, it is the vision, roadmap and commitment to build a more thriving, future-focused downtown. 

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Centre City Underpass Enhancements

Investing in the underpasses that connect downtown Calgary

​With 36,000 residents and over 161,000 Calgarians working in the downtown, the underpasses play a critical mobility role. The current physical condition of many of the railway underpasses contradicts their mobility and gateway functions. We're working to improve the experience of using underpasses in our core.

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