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Historic Resource permit review process

All sites listed on the Inventory of Evaluated Historic Resources are flagged on The City’s electronic permitting system. All Development and Building Permit applications relating to Inventory sites are reviewed by Heritage Planning. When appropriate, Heritage Planning works with the applicant and other City departments to ensure the historic resource is not adversely affected by development activities.

If the site is a designated (legally protected) Municipal Historic Resource, there are additional application protocols required to ensure alignment with the designation bylaw.

Land use redesignation (rez​oning) applications

All land use redesignation applications for sites listed on the Inventory are reviewed by Heritage Planning. 

Demoliti​on permits

The City does not have the legal authority to withhold demolition permits for heritage-specific reasons unless a site has been designated (legally protected) as a Historic Resource.

Heritage Planning reviews all demolition permit applications, including sites listed on the Inventory. This review allows for dialogue with the property owner to explore alternative options when appropriate and provides an opportunity to document the site.

In some cases, applications are referred to the Calgary Heritage Authority  for advisory feedback.

Historic resource impact a​ssessments

The Alberta Historic Resources Act empowers the Provincial Minister of Culture to order a Historic Resource Impact Assessment when they are of the opinion that proposed interventions may alter, damage or destroy that historic resource. Anyone, including the Calgary Heritage Authority and City Council can request that the Minister require this assessment.

Such an assessment, if requested of the owner by the Minister, freezes development rights on the affected property until the assessment is completed to the Province's satisfaction.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​