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West 17 Avenue and 37 Street Main Streets construction

Project update - November 2020

We’re winding down the majority of the road work for the 2020 construction season. Road work on the north and south side of 17 Avenue S.W. is complete for the season. Residents will see work through November at the 17 Avenue and 35 Street S.W. intersection on the new traffic signal that will be installed.

On 37 Street, the detours have been removed for southbound traffic and we anticipate the northbound detours will be removed the week of November 9, 2020. Once all of the detours are removed, there will be some changes to on-street parking on 37 Street. Parking will be restricted, Monday to Friday, between 7 and 9 a.m. and between 3 and 6 p.m. There will be no parking restrictions along 37 Street SW on weekends. Crews will be installing signs in the next few weeks with these new parking restrictions.

ENMAX work continues on 37 Street at Richmond Road, 17 Avenue at 37 Street, and at 17 Avenue and 29 Street. We anticipate this work will be complete by early December.

Work over the winter months

Crews will be out over the winter months working on traffic signals on both 37 Street and 17 Avenue S.W. The impact to residents should be minimal, and crews will be working at:

  • 37 Street and 26 Avenue
  • 37 Street and 23 Avenue
  • 37 Street and 19 Avenue
  • 37 Street and 16 Avenue
  • 17 Avenue and 26 Street
  • 17 Avenue and 27 Street
  • 17 Avenue and 29 Street

New street lights will be installed at the following locations:

  • 37 Street between 28 Avenue and 33 Avenue – West side
  • 37 Street between 30 Avenue and 33 Avenue – East side
  • 17 Avenue between 37 Street and 33 Street – North side
  • 17 Avenue between 33 Avenue and 30 Avenue – South side.

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For more information about what we’re building for these two new main streets have a look at:

Project scope

The City has developed streetscape master plans for 37 Street S.W. and 17 Avenue S.W. based on citizen and stakeholder feedback, technical analysis, and financial considerations. The plans support the needs identified by the community and provides a vision that guides the detailed design and construction phases.

The final design for the 17 Avenue Main Street projects includes:

  • Intersection improvements.
  • Curb extensions for increased pedestrian safety.
  • Enhanced pedestrian experience with wider sidewalks and multiuse pathways.
  • Installing new street lighting.
  • Upgrading the water main, and sanitary utilities along 17 Avenue between 26 and 29 Street S.W.
  • Replacing utilities along 26 Street between Bow Trail and 17 Avenue S.W.
  • Burying the overhead power lines at 17 Avenue and 26 Street S.W. and 17 Avenue and 37 Street S.W.
  • Maintenance work on the Crowchild Trail bridge.

The final design for the 37 Street Main Street projects includes:

  • A new multiuse pathway on the east side of 37 Street.
  • A wider sidewalk, and boulevard separating vehicles and pedestrians, on the west side of 37 Street.
  • A new road surface between Bow Trail and Richmond Road S.W.
  • Enhanced pedestrian crossings, and a new boulevard space including approximately 300 new trees planted on 37 Street S.W.
  • Changes to parking, where on street parking will be permitted off-peak (currently 24-hour parking).

What will 17 Avenue & 37 Street look like?

Project background

37 Street SW (Bow Trail-Richmond) and 17 Avenue S.W. (Crowchild Trail-37 Street), underwent the “design” step of the Main Streets program in 2018 and 2019. The City developed a streetscape master plan for both 17 Avenue S.W. and 37 Street S.W. based on citizen and stakeholder feedback, technical analysis, and financial considerations. The plans support the needs identified by the community and provides a vision that guides the detailed design and construction phases. This vision encompasses numerous considerations, including:

  • Enhanced pedestrian safety and comfort.
  • Improved mobility options, including transit and cycling.
  • A design that reflects its identity of the surrounding communities.
  • Green, friendly streets through naturalized boulevards, trees, and site furnishings.
  • Making 37 Street and 17 Avenue S.W. a destination that will support existing and new local businesses.
  • Improved connections to park spaces and amenities.

Main Streets

The Main Streets Program is one of the ways that the City of Calgary is working to make our city “a great place to make a living, and a great place to make a life.” Our program shares The City’s common purpose of “making life better every day” by implementing a comprehensive process to transform our main streets into places where people want to live, work and play.

To reach their full potential, Calgary’s Main Streets need both public and private investment. The Main Streets program is a continuum that goes from changes to land use that will support development opportunities to a streetscape master plan that is designed to support these changes and can be constructed in a coordinated fashion. The increase in development activity will bring more people and new jobs to the community, making the area more attractive to local businesses and residents.

Core principles

Main Streets are resilient, adaptable, and attractive places that:

  • Celebrate the character of the community.
  • Encourage diversity of businesses, buildings and residents.
  • Create a vibrant destination.
  • Improve public health.

Visit to learn more about the program and our approach to creating vibrant community spaces.​​​