Bridgeland Main Street

Project update - Winter 2023

Phase one of the Bridgeland Main Street, between Memorial Drive and 2 Avenue N.E., has completed the first season of construction. This construction season, work was focused at the Bridgeland Gateway along Memorial Drive and the East and West sides of Edmonton Trail.

You can expect to see crews in the area throughout the winter as we prepare for the 2023 construction season. See the map below for the complete work and expected work for 2023.

Phase two of the Bridgeland Main Street project has received the necessary funding for construction. We expect construction to start in the Spring or Summer of 2023. We are currently preparing to hire and onboard a contractor, and once hired we will be able to provide more information on the schedule and sequencing of the anticipated construction. 

Project background

The Bridgeland Main Streets project has been divided into two phases: 

  •  Phase 1 includes the Gateway at Memorial Drive & Edmonton Trail N.E. and streetscape improvements along Edmonton Trail N.E. This work also includes potential utility relocations on 1 Avenue N.E. from Edmonton Trail to 6a Street N.E. The utility relocation work will enable the future construction of Phase 2.
  • Phase 2 includes streetscape and bikeway improvements along 1 Avenue and 2 Avenue N.E. The project team is finalizing the design of Phase 2, and construction is now funded to start in 2023.
  • For more information visit our engage page.

What to expect for Phase 1

We expect Phase One of the Bridgeland Main Street to be complete in 2023. Phase one includes streetscape improvements and infrastructure upgrades along Edmonton Tr from Memorial Drive to 2 Avenue N.E. as well as Gateway features on at Memorial Drive beneath the 4 Ave flyover and at the triangle where 4 Street meets Edmonton Trail.

The map below shows the completed work in orange and the 2023 work in green.

Click to enlarge map

At the Memorial Drive Gateway there will be:

  • Reduction of parking stalls on City property
  • Re-configured Memorial Drive access to the parking lot for safety
  • Southern 4 Street access changed to an “in only”
  • Maintained access off of Edmonton Trail
  • Larger pedestrian space and improved pedestrian connections
  • New bioretention area– a vegetated area to capture and treat stormwater
  • Improved lighting for people walking

Along Edmonton Trail N.E. there will be:

  • Widened sidewalks
  • More plants and trees
  • New streetlighting along the road and sidewalks
  • New crosswalks with wheelchair ramps complete with tactile plates to help those with vision loss at intersections
  • New waste & recycling bins, bike racks and benches
  • Southbound 4 Street between 3 and 2 Avenue N.E. will be reduced from three to two lanes
  • Separated wheeling lane will extend to 4 Street N.E. and connect to the 2 Avenue on-street bike lane
  • Extensive planting and creation of a small pocket park space within the triangle at 4  Street, with better crossing at 2 Avenue N.E.

What you can expect during construction

  • An increase in on-site construction activity, including construction crews, vehicles and heavy equipment, including an increase in noise and vibration throughout construction.
  • Sidewalk closures and detours ensure pedestrians and cyclists can travel safely through the area and still access their destinations.
  • The temporary removal of some parking, road closures and potential road detours. Traffic will be maintained during construction, except for occasional closures with a detour. 
  • Potential construction activity on weekends, weekdays, and overnight as required. 
  • We will work directly with individual businesses to provide continued access to their property as much as possible.
  • While we don't expect any major utility shutdowns, you will be notified if the need arises.
  • Temporary transit stop relocations if required.

Please note, construction in an older community like this means that sometimes we run into surprises during construction. We don't anticipate any issues, but the timeline could be impacted should we discover any surprises. 

We appreciate your patience when crews are working in the area. We know that construction impacts can be disruptive, and we will work to mitigate impacts as best that we can.


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