Digital permit application criteria

Criteria for uploading plans and documents to Planning and Development online applications

This information is for all permit applicants applying online, excluding ePermit applications. The plans and documents that you upload must meet The City’s digital file criteria to facilitate quicker application review and approval.

To find out how to begin an application, review the following information:

Uploading plans

Your plans will need to be saved and uploaded in the following categories. Refer back to your specific checklist to confirm which plans are required, and the required details on each plan.

The online system will identify most of the plans that are needed for your application. If your checklist indicates an additional plan is required, please upload it using the Additional Optional Document button. See the chart below for the types of drawings to include together as one file that will be uploaded as a set of plans during the online application.

​Set of plans ​Types of drawings to include as one file
Set of plans: ​Plans - Architectural Types of drawings to include as one file: ​Site plan, floor plans, elevations, cross section
Set of plans: ​Plans - Site (optional) Types of drawings to include as one file: ​Site plan
Set of plans: ​Plans - Electrical Types of drawings to include as one file: ​Electrical layout
Set of plans: ​Plans - Mechanical Types of drawings to include as one file: ​Mechanical layout
Set of plans: ​Plans - Plumbing and gas Types of drawings to include as one file: ​Plumbing and gas layout
Set of plans: ​Plans - Structural Types of drawings to include as one file: ​​Wall details, foundation plans, floor and roof framing layouts

Uploading documents

Supporting documents will need to be uploaded individually. Refer to your specific checklist to see which documents are required for your application, and the details that must be included.

The online system will identify most of the supporting documents that are needed for your application. If your checklist indicates an additional document is required, click the Additional Optional Document button to upload. Examples include:


Acceptable file formats and size

  • Acceptable file types: unlocked .pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .jpg, .jpeg, .tiff or .txt.
  • Maximum document size: 1 GB

If a file is too large, you may have to remove pages or information that should be included in another document type. You could also remove color photographs or three- dimensional renderings that are not a requirement on your checklist.

  • Flattening plans to a single layer is preferred
  • The top right corner of all drawings should be reserved for The City of Calgary’s electronic approval stamps. Please leave the top right corner blank on all drawings (with the exception of the border) and supporting documents.

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