Citywide Growth Strategy


Program Updates

Interested in learning more about how Calgary plans for and invests in citywide growth?  The discussion on citywide , which includes a portfolio of growth investments for consideration in 2023-2026, continues at the Combined Council meeting on Tuesday, June 26.  View the meeting agenda and view the reports here.  The report is item 7.2.

Watch the meeting live on Tuesday, June 26 beginning at 9:30 am at

About the Strategy

We’re planning and building our communities now so they can thrive as we grow to 2 million people.  As Calgary grows, we want to build our city in a way that is mindful of the future, promotes sustainable ways of living, supports complete and vibrant communities, encourages a variety of housing choices and supports housing affordability, enables a strong industrial sector and balances the interests of neighbourhoods with the interests of Calgary as a whole.

Our Citywide growth strategy work focuses on how and where Calgary invests in growth to achieve the long-term vision described in the Municipal Development Plan and Calgary Transportation Plan, and Council’s priorities of economic, social and climate resiliency. 

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