8 Street S.W. Corridor Improvement Plan

About the plan

The 8 Street master plan establishes a strong connection along the high-use corridor between the Bow River waterfront and 17 Avenue S.W. uptown area. The plan provides a vision that addresses area needs and enhances the pedestrian experience by focusing on improving areas such as sidewalks, street crossings and urban design, and lays the foundation for growing 8 Street S.W. as a liveable, caring and thriving place.

The master plan is supported and guided by the Council-approved Greater Downtown Plan and the Centre City Mobility Plan (2010).


  • Reinforce, define and connect places along the corridor at the pedestrian level.
  • Balances all modes of movement including cycling, public transit, road design and on-street parking.
  • Considers existing at-grade businesses on 8 Street SW
  • Supports future property developments.

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8 Street SW master plan


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