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Revitalize 8 Street SW Project

Revitalize 8 Street SW Project

Reimagining the future of 8 Street SW

The City is investing in the future and transforming, modernizing and revitalizing 8 Street SW, an important community connection for Downtown West and the Beltline.

We are embarking on a journey to reimagine 8 Street SW and position it for a renewed era of success. As a flagship project for Calgary’s Downtown Strategy and a priority of Calgary’s Greater Downtown Plan, this project provides a foundation for The City to collaborate with Calgarians.

For more information on the project and upcoming engagement, please visit Revitalize 8 Street S.W. Project.

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Let’s transform 8 Street SW together.

The City is engaging with Calgarians to advance the conceptual design established in the 8 Street SW Master Plan to meet the current and future needs of these thriving downtown neighbourhoods.

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History of the 8 Street SW Master Plan

The 8 Street SW Master Plan (‘Master Plan’) was completed in 2016 and approved in 2017. The Master Plan establishes a strong connection along the high-use corridor between the Bow River waterfront and 17 Avenue SW. It provides a vision that addresses area needs and enhances the pedestrian experience by focusing on improving areas such as sidewalks, street crossings and urban design. The Master Plan lays the foundation for growing 8 Street SW as a livable, vibrant and thriving community corridor.

The vision for 8 Street SW established in the Master Plan is:

To create a contemporary, pedestrian focused urban destination area with a distinct identity that connects people, parks and neighborhoods supported by vibrant retail experiences and a variety of transportation modes.

Please read the 8 Street SW Master Plan (below) to learn more about the original master plan project, pubic engagement and how this vision was established. 

How is 8 Street SW connected to Calgary’s Greater Downtown Plan?

8 Street SW is guided by the Council-approved Greater Downtown Plan (GDP), which highlights it as a key capital project for improving vibrancy in Calgary’s downtown.

The project supports the following strategic moves outlined in the Greater Downtown Plan:

  • Neighbourhoods for a vibrant urban life

    Create mixed-use neighbourhoods with gathering places, housing choices and all of the amenities residents need close by.

  • A green network for a healthy environment

    Build a green network by connecting parks, natural spaces and river frontage with downtown’s main streets.

    8 Street SW is part of downtown’s green network. Streets within the green network prioritize providing opportunities for walking and wheeling and place an emphasis on pedestrian safety, quality of landscaping, recreation and the natural qualities of the street.

  • Streets for people

    Design streets for walkers and wheelers first, with regional pathways stretching along riverbanks and underpasses, and bridges and on-street mobility tracks connecting to neighbouring communities.

Where we are now – Phase 1: Conceptual Design Development

The 8 Street SW Corridor Master Plan was completed in 2016 and a lot has changed since then.

Societal Changes

  • Increase in office vacancies
  • Increased use of alternative modes of transportation
  • Shift in Calgarians priorities toward active transportation modes
  • Increased bike lane infrastructure downtown
  • Increased concerns around crime, public safety and social disorder
  • Community needs have evolved


Planning & Policy Changes


Neighbourhood Changes

Building off the Master Plan, Phase 1 will focus on advancing the conceptual design for 8 Street SW to consider the above changes and reflect the current and future needs of this important north-south community connection.  


Reintroducing 8 Street SW - next steps and what to expect

The City and its project team is beginning the process to advance the conceptual design established in the 8 Street SW Master Plan. Between February 13-28 we will be reintroducing 8 Street SW, seeking feedback on how 8 Street functions today and how it should function in the future, as well as current opportunities and challenges for achieving the vision established in the Master Plan. This feedback, along with technical studies, will be used to advance and refine the conceptual design for 8 Street SW.

Later in Spring 2023, public feedback will be sought on the draft conceptual design for 8 Street SW.

The project is targeted to be construction ready in 2024.

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