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12 Mile Coulee Natural Environment Park is a unique natural area in Calgary's northwest that provides ample opportunity for hiking, cycling, walking and running.

12 Mile Coulee Management Plan

The 12 Mile Coulee Management Plan was created with public and external partner input. This plan provides direction for the protection, development, and maintenance of 12 Mile Coulee to preserve the natural character of the landscape while providing quality recreational opportunities suitable for this type of park.

2021 projects

In 2021 The City of Calgary will be starting a trail restoration project taking place in the spring and fall.

The trail restoration project has two parts:

The first trail restoration project will begin in the summer/fall to repair an eroding cliff that has created a hazardous slope, no citizen feedback is required for this project. Citizens will be alerted about this slope restoration and trail reroute with the use of clearly marked signage about trail reroutes. 

The second project will begin in the fall and will focus on general trail repairs and restoration. The City of Calgary sought out feedback from Calgarians about the intensity of trail use and potential hazards on the trails using a citizen engagement survey. Results of the citizen engagement project are contained in the What We Heard Report.   

12 Mile Coulee will remain open to Calgarians during the trail restoration projects. Designated trails will not be closed without being replaced by an improved trail or rerouted trail. Currently, The City of Calgary is creating the preliminary trail designs and requesting necessary approvals. 

For more information about the engagement process,

Citizen engagement & development projects

The 12 Mile Coulee citizen engagement project is now closed.

The City of Calgary sought feedback from Calgarians about the intensity of trail use and potential hazards on the trails.  Results of the citizen engagement project are contained in the What We Heard Report.  

If you have any questions about the trail restoration project, please visit the Engage portal or contact 311.

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