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Tools for habitat management

Calgary is a city that believes in conservation of our natural areas and wildlife. We have a strong history of policies supporting our valuable green spaces and natural areas.

We have developed many policies and tools that guide our actions and practices to conserve Calgary’s biodiversity.

Here is a selection of some polices and guidelines that lead our work.​

Natural Area Management Plan (1994)

Natural Area Management Plan established a process for identifying and ensuring the long-term viability of Calgary’s natural environments. It contains management guidelines and puts forward a landscape ecology approach to protecting and evaluating Calgary’s natural systems.

Our Biodiversity - Strategic Plan (2015)

​Calgary's 10-year biodiversity strategic plan​ was Council approved in March 2015. The plan supports and directs municipal projects with the ultimate aim of protecting and conserving Calgary’s biodiversity​.

Riparian Action Program (2017)

The Riparian Action Program​ (RAP) is The City of Calgary’s 10-year implementation plan for protecting, restoring and raising awareness about Calgary’s riparian areas. The RAP takes an integrated approach that includes land use planning, restoration + monitoring and education + outreach. The program is part of The City’s integrated water management approach and contributes to our goal of healthy rivers and watersheds. To learn more about the RAP and other information related to riparian areas visit ​​

Imagine Parks

Imagine Parks is a 30-year vision for a sustainable, efficient and effective open space system. That includes the following goals that inform habitat management work:

1.1 Responsive to Citizens
1.3 Stewardship and Ecological Literacy
2.1 Natural Environment Conservation
2.2 Collaboration
3.1 Optimized Resources 

Habitat Restoration Project Framework

The Habitat Restoration Project Framework provides requirements and guidelines for conducting and reporting on habitat restoration projects in existing and future natural environment parks that have, or will be, undergoing site disturbance.

City of Calgary Plant Lists Guideline

City of Calgary Plant Lists Guideline provides detailed information and recommendations to inform restoration plans as per the Habitat Restoration Project Framework and provides necessary information and factors to consider during the plant selection phase of the project.

City of Calgary Seed Mix Guideline

The City of Calgary Seed Mix Guideline provides information and recommendations to inform restoration plans as per the Habitat Restoration Project Framework and provides necessary information and factors to consider during the design of the seed mix portion of the plan.

City of Calgary Soil Handling Recommendations

The City of Calgary Soil Handling Recommendations provides soil handling recommendations to increase the effectiveness of restoration plans as per the Habitat Restoration Project Framework.

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