North Mount Pleasant Arts Centre Area Improvements

Established Area and Growth Change Strategy North Mount Pleasant Arts Centre Area Improvements

As part of the Established Area Growth and Change Strategy, the area surrounding North Mount Pleasant Arts Centre will be improved with a new outdoor programmable space, new sidewalks and pathway connections and a redesigned accessible community garden. North Mount Pleasant Arts Centre will also be equipped with a new accessible pottery wheel.

Project Update

Construction activities on the art centre site will continue through the remainder of the 2023 outdoor construction season. Soft landscaping, planter box installation, and piling are scheduled to be completed this season. Unexpected site conditions were discovered during the excavation of the site, leading to schedule delays. The remaining seasonal deficiencies will be addressed in the Spring of 2024.

Construction notice

Download the current notice to see if you will be affected by the upcoming construction.


The work proposed in this project includes:

Greenspace improvements
  • Multi-use outdoor programmable space
  • Bike racks
Community garden improvements
  • Accessibility upgrades
North Mount Pleasant Arts Centre
  • An accessible pottery wheel
New sidewalks and pathway missing links
  • 9th St. N.W. between 23rd Ave. & 24th Ave. N.W.
  • Sidewalk and pathway connecting Seventh St. to 27th Ave. N.W.
  • 26th Ave. between Fourth & Fifth St. N.W. (south side of Arts Centre)


The Mount Pleasant public realm improvement project will improve or upgrade infrastructure in this community.  

Once constructed, the improvements will encourage people to explore and spend time in the spaces within their communities and support continued reinvestment in the community.  

The sidewalk improvements are part of Calgary’s Pedestrian Strategy to make Calgary safer, more comfortable and interesting for walking.


Capital investment in this project will generate nine full-time jobs and contribute almost $1.3 million to the GDP (based on Infrastructure Calgary’s economic impact assessment model).

A portion of the greenspace will be unavailable for the 2023 season and the spring of 2024.

The contractor will adhere to The City’s Community Standards Bylaw, 32M2023 for hours of operation, material storage and construction best practices, including dust mitigation. If you have questions, please contact 311.

Tree removal

The City of Calgary works to preserve as many trees as possible throughout construction; however, as part of the enabling works planned for 2022, we know that some trees in the existing area will be removed prior to construction.  We are reviewing the tree proximity to construction activity to ensure long-term viability of the trees once construction is complete. Following this review, some of the trees in poor condition or those negatively impacted by construction, will be removed. We expect to remove 12 trees as part of the construction, and when we're finished construction, there will be approximately 31 new trees planted as part of the North Mount Pleasant Art Centre Improvements Project.


The estimated cost of this work is $2.1 million. Most of the funding is provided by the Established Area Growth and Change Strategy Capital Fund.


  • September 24, 2018, Established Area Growth and Change Strategy – Scoping Report presented to City Council (PFC2018-0891).
  • November 2019 - December 2020, Community conversations about potential improvements to the local public realm.
  • February 3, 2020, Council approved Notice of Motion (PFC2020-0131) to provide $30 million for public realm improvements in the established area.
  • May 25, 2020, Phase 1 recommendations approved by City Council (PFC2020-0381).
  • December 2020, Phase 2 progress update to Committee (PFC2020-1245).
  • 2021, Design development and public engagement.
  • In spring/summer 2022, new sidewalks and pathway construction was performed.
  • Fall of 2022, construction on the art centre site begins.
  • Concrete piling is expected to occur in September of 2023.
  • In fall 2023, construction of the planter boxes in the southeast corner will be complete.
  • Construction, including the seasonal deficiencies, is expected to be completed on the art centre site in Spring 2024.

North Mount Pleasant Arts Centre Area Improvements — New sidewalks and pathway missing links

North Mount Pleasant Arts Centre Area Improvements — New sidewalks and pathway missing links

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