Soccer Centre Dome & Artificial Turf Field Upgrade

Calgary Soccer Centre Soccer Centre Dome & Artificial Turf Field Upgrade

The Calgary Soccer Centre (CSC) currently has three outdoor artificial turf fields and one outdoor natural turf field. This project will upgrade the outdoor natural turf field to an artificial turf field and cover it with an air-supported structure. 


The scope of work proposed in this project includes the following:

  • Upgrading the natural turf field to artificial turf.
  • Building an air-supported structure over the new artificial turf field.
  • Parking improvements.
  • Stormwater management upgrades.


This project will produce a full-sized indoor rectangular field, providing citizens with a high-quality, year-round practice and play space.  

The field will complement existing amenities at the CSC, accommodating a broad range of sport and recreation opportunities and increasing the CSC’s capacity to host tournaments.

Investment in this project will generate approximately 53 full-time jobs and contribute $7.45 million to the GDP1.


The fourth outdoor field and the west parking lot at the CSC will be unavailable during construction.

The contractor will adhere to The City’s Community Standards Bylaw, 32M2023 for hours of operation, material storage and construction best practices, including dust mitigation. Questions can be submitted by contacting 311.


The current budget for this project is $15 million and has been approved as part of the of the Revised Calgary Recreation Capital Investment Strategy and One Calgary 2019-2022 Service Plans and Budgets.


  • 2019, Council approves Administration’s proposed One Calgary four-year capital budget, including funding for maintenance and renewals at existing City recreation facilities. 
  • 2021, Council approves the Revised Calgary Recreation Capital Investment Strategy, Report C2021-0911, providing funding for the air inflated dome over the new artificial turf field.
  • August 2021, Design development begins.
  • Construction start date to be determined.

1Based on estimates from Infrastructure Calgary’s economic impact assessment model

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