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24 Avenue NW (Banff Trail) - Active Redevelopment Applications

Several applications proposing to redevelop parcels along 24 Avenue NW in Banff Trail have been submitted to The City for review.

  • It is a property owner or landowner who decides if and/or when to propose to build something new and submit a development application.
  • City Administration (The City) is responsible for the formal review and consideration of any applications proposing a planning and development change.

Redevelopment Application Map

Applicant-led Community Outreach

A number of the landowners/applicants who are proposing to redevelop parcels along 24 Avenue NW in Banff Trail (shown in the map above) coordinated efforts to reach out to the community to share information and discuss their proposals.

Any input collected through applicant-led outreach will be reviewed by City Administration and summarized in reports to Calgary Planning Commission and City Council prior to final decisions being made.

Application Details

Find out more about each active application within the area and status of the review process by visiting the detailed information on the Planning and Development map.

Applications under review or on hold:

Approved applications:

  • LOC2018-0238- Flosa Homes: 2471 - 23 ST NW
  • LOC2019-0079 - CivicWorks (Eagle Crest Construction): 2460, 2464, 2468 - 23 ST NW
  • LOC2019-0080 - CivicWorks (Eagle Crest Construction): 2022, 2026 - 24 AV NW
  • LOC2019-0081​ - CivicWorks (Stone West Homes): 2103, 2107 - 24 Ave NW
  • LOC2019-0084 - O2 Design (Apaar Homes): 2504 - 22 ST NW
  • DP2019-5035​- Davignon Martin Architecture: 2240 - 24 AV NW, 2504 - 22 ST NW

City Application Review Process

  • The City (Administration) is responsible for reviewing the application, any required technical studies, applicable City policies and comments from the public (both submitted directly to The City and collected by the applicant) and may propose changes to the application.
  • The City notifies the public about development proposals via: letters to adjacent landowners, signs on the site, advertisements, and online at
  • The public can provide comments on development proposals directly to The City for consideration as part of The City’s review. Comments can be submitted through in connection to individual applications.
  • The City encourages landowners/applicants to be a good neighbours and reach out to the community to discuss their intention to propose a new development; however, it is up to the landowner/applicant to determine if they will undertake outreach in connection with their project. When public sessions are hosted by applicants, The City often supports by attending to share information about City policies and/or The City’s application review & decision-making process.
  • For applications proposing a Land Use Redesignation (rezoning) and local plan amendment, City Administration is responsible for making a recommendation of approval or refusal to Calgary Planning Commission (CPC). Calgary Planning Commission makes a recommendation of approval or refusal to City Council for decision at a Public Hearing of Council.
  • For a Development Permit, The City Administration will act as the decision-maker as long as the site-specific Land Use District and Local Plan has been amended to support the proposed development form.

Land use redesignation (zoning) applications

  • A land use rede​signation is when the land use district (zone) assigned to a parcel of land is changed to a different land use district (zone).
  • To change the land use district (zone), the landowner must apply for a land use redesignation.
  • Land Use Redesignation Applications are often pursued by landowners who are hoping to build something that is not currently allowed on the site. Often, a change to the land use district (zone) is proposed to enable increased height and density of a building (compared to the current rules on the site) and/or to change the uses, or activities, that would be allowed to occur on the site as part of future developments.
  • Applications to rezone or redevelop that align with the vision of applicable local area plans, the Municipal Development Plan and other city policies are more likely to be approved.

Development permit applications

  • A development permit approves the design, location and use of a building or structure and must be obtained for new construction, renovations, businesses, and changes of use to existing buildings.
  • The Land Use Bylaw outlines the uses and development rules associated to a district and parcel of land.
  • A development permit is written approval from the City that development plans align with the rules and regulations set out in the Land Use Bylaw (LUB).


This information has no legal status and cannot be used as an official interpretation of the various bylaws, codes and regulations currently in effect. The City of Calgary accepts no responsibility to persons relying solely on this information. Web pages are updated periodically. ​